5 ways to work the beautility trend

Add character to your home with these practical yet beautiful buys

The beautility trend is all about choosing functional items that bring charm to your home in addition to their practical value. Fill your home with these timeless pieces for a look that is a wonderful fusion of industrial chic and modern country.

1. Enamel storage Smarten up worktops and open shelves in a utility area with country-style enamel cannisters, boxes and laundry buckets (try Garden Trading). Keep the look ordered by choosing pieces in the same shade, like this cool mushroom grey. Chuck out old plastic tubs and complete the display with vintage-style wire baskets, clip-top glass jars and wooden brushes.

wooden rack with glass bottle and wooden shoe brush

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2. Marble surfaces

Smooth, cool marble worktops bring an appealing vintage look to a kitchen or bathroom. If you can't - or don't want to - stretch to topping kitchen units or an island with marble worktops, you can add this beautiful material to your kitchen in the form of a chopping board or a rolling pin (try John Lewis) instead.

marble worktops kitchen sink and wash tomatoes in white bowl

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3. Vintage-style kitchenware
Give your kitchen a homely feel with vintage-inspired utensils, mixing bowls, cookware and kitchen scales (try Lakeland). Fill glass jars with pasta, pulses and flour to add colour and interest, but limit materials to raw wood, clear glass and stainless steel to nail the pared-back beautility trend.

vintage kitchenware with glass jar and glass bowl

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4. Warm wood
An easy way to bring a country look to a dining area is to choose unpainted wooden dining furniture. Make the look modern by choosing neat, unfussy designs with tapered legs (try Ercol). Wooden flooring will also add warmth and texture to your space.

oval shape wooden stool on wooden floor

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5. Zinc accessories Add a hint of industrial style to a kitchen with zinc and galvanised steel finishing touches, such as baskets, wall signs, letters, tabletops and dining chairs. These storage cannisters by Sophie Conran have a rustic look that will add a modern edge to a country scheme.

zinc coated box scissor and pencils in zinc cans

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