Craft corner: How to create simple picture displays

Create an eye-catching display, be a whole wall of prints or a select few

Have a selection of beautiful photographs or prints and not sure how to display them? In this Craft Corner video we show you how to create a pretty wall pretty wall or shelf display with your picture frames.

If you're looking to create a wall display there are a few simple steps you can follow to make it as simple as possible.

Step 1: Plan out your display on the floor. Don't worry about making everything symmetrical, the more eclectic, the better.
Step 2: Consider the size and colour of your frames when planning out the display. It might be a good idea to mix it up to add interest.
Step 3: Create templates of all your frames
Step 4: Label templates
Step 5: Measure the area where you want to create your display and mark centre point
Step 6: Start at the centre and work outwards
Step 7: Tape your templates to the wall so you can use it as a guide
Step 8: Use a spirit level to ensure it is straight
Step 9: Repeat & tape up other templates measuring spaces in between
Step 10: Measure distance of nail position from edge of frame
Step 11: Measure and mark nail position on each template
Step 12: Hammer nails in place
Step 13: Remove templates
Step 14: Hand your pictures

Planning to display your pictures on a shelf. We show you how to work out the best position.

Step 1: Start with the bigger frames at the back. Keep things rexaled and not too symmetrical.
Step 2: Layer up with smaller frames at the front. Don't worry if they slightly obscure the edge of the larger ones behind - this adds a casual feel.
Step 3: Step back and enjoy your display!

Take the fuss out of picture hanging with these tips

Always use a spirit level when hanging several pictures in a row to make sure you get the tops of the frames in a perfect straight line. If you don't have a spirit level, you can download a spirit-level app to your smartphone. Pictures tend to look best when eye level height is a quarter of the way down the picture.

Work out where you need to fix a picture hook in the wall by marking the back of the frame where the hanging wire is tautest with a small dab of toothpaste. Press the frame against the wall at the height you want it to hang - a splodge will be left on the wall in the exact spot where the hook should go.

Hang frames on hooks, rather than nails, as they're designed to take the strain. Any frame that weighs more than 5kg should be supported by bolts in the wall. If hanging up pictures isn't for you, display prints on picture shelves instead, putting smaller frames in front of larger ones for a layered look.