Craft Corner: How to make a fabric covered pinboard

Looking for an easy upcycling project? We show you how to make an easy fabric covered pinboard

Got a few minutes to spare? Personalise your home office with this simple but effective no-sew decorating project. Displaying photographs needn’t be boring. For a simple step-by-step guide, follow the instructions from our Craft Corner video and see how to make an easy fabric-covered pinboard.

Step 1: First of all, paint your frame to complement the colours in your chosen piece of fabric. Opt for a paint that acts as a primer and paint in one and is specifically designed for painting furniture

Top tip: To prevent brush marks, use a good quality brush (3-inch will suit most jobs) or a small roller. You may need 2-3 coats to ensure an even coverage

Step 2: Measure out your fabric so that it fits the size of your board

Step 3: Lay your chosen fabric over the frame and wrap your fabric around the board, pulling it tight across the corners and sides so there are no wrinkles on the front

Step 4: Glue the fabric on the back of the board, and then push the board into the frame

Step 5: Hold your fabric in place with pins

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