Craft corner: How to make a gold leaf bowl

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  • Add some sparkle to your living room or glamour to your bedroom with a shimmering gold leaf bowl to keep your trinkets and keepsakes safe.

    Step1: Using an artists paintbrush apply a thin layer of metallic gold gilding size to the inside of your bowl.

    Step 2: Leave for 15 minutes.

    Step 3: Meanwhile, cut your sheets of gold leaf into strips.

    Step 4: Gently apply the strips of gold leaf one at a time to the inside of your bowl over the glue.

    Step 5: Smooth the gold leaf into the bowl with the back of a desert spoon.

    Step 6: Continue until the inside is covered gold, overlapping sheets if necessary.

    Step: 7: Gently rub away any excess gold leaf with a soft cloth and tip away the access.

    Step 8: Repeat the process on the outside of the bowl until the whole bowl is completely covered.

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