Craft Corner: How to upcycle a sideboard

We show you how to give a sideboard a new lease of life with this upcycling project.

Give a sideboard a new lease of life with this upcycle project.
This make allows you to create your own unique piece of furntiure - instant satisfaction!

Step 1: Remove the handlesStep 2: Sand the surfaces with fine sandpaperStep 3: Measure how much wallpaper you need to cover the surfacesStep 4: Cut paper for each section of the sideboardStep 5: Paste the unitStep 6: Apply the wallpaper and smoothStep 7: Repeat this process at other end of the sideboard and allow to dryStep 8: Cut any excess wallpaper at the edges with a Stanley knifeStep 9: Paste the front of the unitStep 10: Apply wallpaper, smooth and allow to dry Step 11: Cut through the wallpaper where all drawers are Step 12: Measure and cut wallpaper for legsStep 13: Paste the legs and smooth on wallpaperStep 14: Paint new handles and leave to dryStep 15: Attach new handlesStep 16: Place flooring on top of the sideboard unitStep 17: Measure length of extra pieces neededStep 18: And cut these extra pieces from another strip of flooring Step 19: Apply contact adhesive to the topStep 20: Stick down flooring Top tip: Don’t worry about covering the back if it’s going to be up against a wall. Save yourself some work!