Ideal Home's Complete Guide to Christmas: Stamped Giftwrap

Craft queen Heather Young shows you how to give your giftwrap a personal touch this Christmas, using homemade stamps made of wool and wood.

Hello I’m Heather Young and in this video I’m going to show you how to use some wool to stamp your giftwrap to give your gifts a personal touch this Christmas. For your giftwrap you will need:Some off-cuts of wood – I’ve used some blocks of 2x4.

Some wool, Sellotape, scissors, paper for printing on – I’ve used plain white rolls of craft paperSome paintA paintbrush A couple of paperweights to help weight down the paper while you’re printing The first thing you need to do is take your block and your wool then stick the end to one side of the block. Then wind the wool round the block crossing over a little bit and making a pattern on the surface. Next, take your paper. Apply the paint with a paint brush because, if you stick the whole block into the paint, it gets too gunged up. Just brush it on and make sure you’re covering all of the wool. Pop it down, give it a little press and then lift it up and you’ve got your first print. Sometimes you might be able to get two prints out of one layer of paint.
Then carry on printing until you’ve covered the whole surface of your paper. Once you’ve finished your sheet you can leave it to dry. You can cover as much of the sheet as you want and try different colour combinations. I think this is a great one to get the kids to help you with. Anything with paint is a real winner in our house.