Modern Country Makes: How to craft a twig plant marker

We show you in a few simple steps how to make plant markers made out of twigs.

In this episode of Modern Country Makes we show you how to craft a twig plant marker

First, lay out all your materials.
To make this you will need:

- Twig
- Potato peeler
- Mini alphabet stamp set
- Coloured ink pad

Step 1: Hold the twig away from you and scrape away at the top edge of the twig with your potato peeler
Step 2: Once you have a flat surface dust off the excess wood chippings
Step 3: Dip the stamp in the ink pad and press onto the straight edge of the twig.
Step 4: Stamp the name of the herb and place in your plant pot
Step 5: Display herbs with twig markers in a rustic box for country style

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