Style Secrets: Upcycle a plain stool

Love upcycling? See how you can transform a simple stool with a few great upcycling tricks. Style at Home’s Becky shows us how to upcycle a plain wooden stool and turn it into a colourful masterpiece – ideal for a children’s bedroom.

Step 1: Draw the outline of a stool seat onto wrapping paper

Step 2: Cut out circle and put to one side

Step 3: Lightly sand stool and wipe away dust

Step 4: Paint stool turquoise, leaving seat and inside legs unpainted

Step 5: Allow to dry

Step 6: Paint underside of seat and allow to dry

Step 7: Paint a second coat and allow to dry

Step 8: Apply red paint to inside legs

Step 9: When finished, allow to dry then paint a second coat

Step 10: Apply PVA glue to seat with a paint brush

Step 11: Smooth paper circle in place

Step 12: Brush with a layer of PVA and leave to dry

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