The Handmade Wedding: How to make a country-style seating plan

We show you how to make a seating plan for a wedding with a picture frame.

Watch our new series, The Handmade Wedding, where we show you how to have the perfect country-style wedding. In this episode, Kate makes a rustic seating plan.
You will need:
- Burlap
- Pegs
- Ribbon
- Tags
- Twine
- A large frame
- A stapler
- Glue gun

Step 1: Firstly, remove the backing of the photo frame and take out the glass and piece of card.

Step 2: Take the burlap and the piece of card, and place it onto the burlap. Then cut around it with about a 10cm border.

Step 3: Fold the border of the burlap over onto the card. Then take a stapler and hold the fabric tight whilst stapling it down to the card. Repeat this step all the way around until the fabric is secured to the card.

Step 4: Tuck and fold the corners so they are flat and then staple down.

Step 5: Print two copies of ‘seating plan’ in your desired font and put one to the side. Take your first copy and fold it over so that ‘seating’ and ‘plan’ are on opposite sides of the paper.

Step 6: Using the width of the folded paper as a measurement, draw out and cut another strip of burlap in the same depth as the piece of paper. Then peg this piece of burlap over the top of the letter and stencil the letters onto it, using the second copy if needed for reference for more detailed fonts.

Step 7: Un-peg the paper and burlap so you are just left with the strip of burlap, which reads ‘seating plan’. Place this strip where you desire on your large piece of burlap and wrap it around, turning it over. Then take each end and stick down.

Step 8: Take as many lines of twine as necessary for your amount of guests and wrap them around the card, stapling them down at the back.

Step 9: Decorate your nametags by writing your guests names and tables on them. Then place your burlap back into its frame.

Step 10: Lastly, peg each of your nametags to your pieces of twine.