The Handmade Wedding: How to make rustic country centrepieces

We show you how to make a rustic centrepiece that's perfect for a wedding.

Want to add personal country touches to your wedding but don’t want to spend a fortune? We have the answer in this brand new series, The Handmade Wedding. In this episode, Kate shows you how to make rustic country centrepieces.

To be able to make this you will need:
- A selection of glass jars and bottles
- Tea light holders
- A few different selections of ribbon
- Scissors
- A glue gun
- Buttons

Step 1: Take a length of ribbon of your choice and lay it down on your work surface. Place whichever vessel you are using (jar, bottle etc) on top and roll the ribbon around, then cut.

Step 2: Add a length of glue along the centre of the ribbon and place your jar at one end. Then roll the jar along to stick the ribbon in place. Repeat this step again with a different piece of ribbon to give a layered detail effect.

Step 3: Take a piece of twine and tie it around the neck of the jar in a small bow shape to give a pretty finish.

Step 4: Next, take another jar, which will be used as a favour for the place setting. Repeat the same step above with pieces of ribbon.Take some buttons and place a small amount of glue on the ribbon, sticking the buttons down.

Step 5: Take a tag and some stamps (or draw it on with a pen if doing it free hand) and print your guest’s name onto each tag for each favour. Then take a piece of twine and loop it through the tag and tie it to the neck of the jar.

Step 6: Fill the jar with sweets of your choice to complete the wedding favour.

Step 7: To style the centrepiece you can take a piece of burlap and a plate. Place the plate onto the burlap and draw around it. Then cut it out and place the jars, vases, flowers and candles in a graduated way with taller pieces and smaller pieces to add depth.