The Smart Home Technology Experience at John Lewis

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  • John Lewis’ flagship store has just launched a new Smart Home Technology Experience. In this video we give you a sneek peek at what to expect from this brand new tech section!

    We’re going to take you behind the scenes to meet the experts who can talk us through all the latest tech.

    Katrina Mills, Audio and Connected Home Buyer for John Lewis, tells us: “customers don’t really know why they need to buy smart technology for the home. What does it do? Why invest money in a gadget?” As our lives become more challenging and busy we want flexibility and efficiency. “Smart home products give you that. What we are trying to create as an experience is for the customer to walk in and have the ‘Eureka’ moment.” The new range of products are designed to make a difference to the way in which we live and save money by employing gadgets that are personal to us and efficient.The Samsung Family Hub Fridge is fitted with cameras in the doors so next time you are out shopping and can’t remember if you bought humous last week, you can tap into the cameras via a real time app on your phone and check. How brilliant is that? It’s a smart way to shop that ensures no wastage and excess buying. Another thing we love, the fact that you can change the temperatures across the device so any compartment can be programmed to simply cool or completely freeze food. Another thing, we love the radio function. Speakers on the bottom of the doors allow you to hum away to your favourite channel in the morning whilst you’re making breakfast or in the evening whilst you’re hosting a party. The first non-contact sleep monitor system, called The ResMed, sits on the table next to the bed and monitors your breathing so it can tell if you’ve had a goodnight sleep and gives you tips. Connect it to your phone so you can read your sleep core in the morning. It can even tell you if your cats are keeping you up or your room is too hot. Clever gadget! For more videos visit

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