Freestanding baths

The definitive guide to the best design-conscious bath shapes and cutting edge materials

The fashion for freestanding baths is one that just keeps on going, and there is no shortage of products to choose from. A freestanding bath can be a real focal point and also gives a room an incredibly indulgent feel.

• Think about what sort of look you want: some people prefer period authenticity, complete with claw feet and a rolled rim, while others like a more contemporary design. Now there’s a move away from square designs towards curvy, organic shapes that are easier to relax in.

• ‘Some modern baths can be very angular but, while they’re great to look at, they aren’t always comfortable to sit in,’ says Hayley Tarrington, senior designer at CP Hart.

• Trendwise, single-piece, solid-surface baths that are space-efficient and sculptural are becoming more popular. ‘Bath shapes used to be restricted by the materials they were made from, but modern products such as Corian, LG Hi-Macs (acrylic) and Cristalplant (mineral composite) mean almost anything is possible,’ says Hayley Tarrington.

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