How to add colour to a children’s room

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Children relish having their own bedroom to play, read and sleep in and will likely want to make their mark with colour on the walls, floors and furnishings given half the chance.

While the traditional ‘pink for girls and blue for boys’ is still popular in nurseries and babies’ rooms, older children are more likely to go for a stand-out bold colour, which really reflects their personality.

Luckily, a child’s bedroom is the perfect room in the house to really have some fun. Be it with additional themes such as blues and reds of marvel bedrooms or even bright yellow Minion bedrooms, the right colour scheme will make the room an inviting space to enjoy – and might even encourage homework (we can but dream…).

To avoid endless requests for re-painting every year, try and go for a block colour that will still be loved a few years on. You can add accessories to perk it up which can be changing regularly without breaking the bank.

Image credit: David Brittain
Image credit: Dan Duchars
Image credit: Dan Duchars

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