Tom Jones has put his Beverly Hills mansion on the market, and it has some very quirky features…

What's new pussycat? Take a look around the Welsh crooner's LA home and see for yourself...

From the outside, Sir Tom Jones’ LA pad looks like any other celebrity home, with an outdoor swimming pool, palm trees, and manicured lawns.

Tom Jones garden

The spacious gardens, spread over half an acre, are decked out with a statement water fountain and stone sculptures, and the views across the rolling hills are incredible.

Tom Jones house view

Tom Jones house fountain

But step inside the £6.5 million villa and you’ll enter an overwhelming jungle of animal print. From the living room to the dining room, the kitchen to the bathroom, an ongoing theme of leopard print decorates the floors, walls, and furniture.

Huge leopard print rugs cover the living room, dining room, and foyer, while a matching carpet runs up the spiralling staircase. Throughout the property, sofas and chairs have been covered with the plush fabric, while matching cushions and lampshades add a finishing touch. Even the bathrooms have a splash of leopard print on its towels and flannels! The animal theme continues with ornaments of gazelles, giraffes, and dogs, and the walls are chock-a-block full of framed pictures of animals and other wildlife.

Jones’ décor is the epitome of old-school over-the-top luxury, even when you look past the safari theme. With marble-floored bathrooms, a stand-alone bath, and a modern kitchen, the Welsh singer knows how to make a statement, as this gold belt proves:

Tom Jones house for sale

The Welsh singer and star of The Voice bought the five-bedroom, seven-bathroom compound in 1998 for £2.1 million. Nineteen years on, and worth more than three times the price, the property is now on the market with Sotheby’s International Realty.

Tom Jones house for sale

It’s situated in the A-list community of Mulholland Estates, so it could well be another celebrity who takes this off Tom’s hands.

Will potential buyers be persuaded or put off by the singer’s quirky tastes? It probably depends whether they’re more of a cat or a dog person…


Photos from Sotheby’s International Realty

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