Give your home a floral makeover with Sainsbury’s

Thinking of updating your house for spring? Florals are a fabulous way to freshen up your home and celebrate the new season.

Thinking of updating your house for spring? Florals are a fabulous way to freshen up your home and celebrate the new season.

Whether bold and painterly or ditsy and pretty, florals are one of 2016's hottest trends and they are ever so easy to bring into your home  -  thanks to Sainsbury's. Their new Springtime Bloom collection of home accessories is teeming with flowers and blossoms in soft shades of pink and purple.

"Inspired by the romantic glamour of the Edwardian era, this elegant trend mixes floral chinoiserie prints for a pretty, feminine look," says Andrew Tanner, who is Head of Home Design at Sainsbury's.

The easiest way to work the trend is to scatter pretty floral cushions across your living room. Mix and match beautiful, hand-painted blooms with foulard prints and tiny blossoms, coordinating colours to tie off the look.

Echo the theme across your room with artwork, greenery displays and votive candles  - those featuring florals encased in clear gel are particularly pretty. Faux flowers are also ideal to add a splash of colour at the beginning of the year when most plants are not yet in bloom.

For a vintage feel, combine prints with intricate embroidery, tinted-glass vases and delicate lace. "Sainsbury's Springtime Bloom range comprises home accessories, cushions and bedding in delicate, water-colour shades of lavender, rose and sage bedecked with lace, embroidery and beaded finishes," explains Andrew, who suggests: "Layer different textures to create a tactile style through throws and cushions."

This works especially well in the bedroom, where florals are perfect to introduce a fresh seasonal twist. Pair crisp, flower-strewn bedlinen with plush throws and scatter cushions in soft pastel shades to give your bed a romantic makeover.

1/8 Decorate with blooms

bedroom with bedside lamp

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To add a beautiful focal point in a snap, arrange faux flowers in graceful ceramic and glass vases on your bedside cabinet. Pretty, scented pomanders are the perfect final touch that will give your room a delicate fragrance.

2/8 Plump it up

floral printed cushions

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To keep your scheme fresh, mix and match different floral styles - embroidered, painterly, ditsy - and offset them with cosy knits. Stick to a romantic palette of soft purple, pink and pale blue for a look that's co-ordinated without being too 'matchy'.
Springtime Bloom embroidery cushion, £16, Sainsbury's
Springtime Bloom cushion, £12, Sainsbury's
Velvet cushion, £10, Sainsbury's
Applique Floral Cushion 50x50, £20, Sainsbury's

3/8 Create a beautiful display

white vase with flowers

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A pretty display of ditsy faux flowers is the easiest, fastest way to work the floral trend into your home. It's perfect to brighten up a corner or add a romantic note to a bedroom. We love these meadow flowers in soft pink and plum hues, arranged informally in a ceramic jug. Pair with tinted-glass vases in pastel colours for extra charm.
Pale Pink Bud Vase, £3, Sainsbury's
Pale Blue Bud Vase, £4, Sainsbury's
Ditsy Faux Floral in Cream Jug, £14, Sainsbury's

4/8 Frame it with lace

white frame with floral design

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Lace gives textural depth to a floral look. This white-lace frame is perfect to showcase a special picture and add a beautifully romantic note to your scheme.
White Lace Frame 5x5, £6, Sainsbury's

5/8 Freshen up your walls

room with springtime bloom canvas with purple ribbon on white wall

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Tie off the floral look by dressing up your walls with artwork, such as this gorgeous Springtime Bloom canvas. Up the wow factor by hanging your artwork with ribbon in a matching colour.
Springtime Bloom Print Canvas, £18, Sainsbury's

6/8 Light it up

rose gold lantern and floral printed candles

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Keep lighting cosy and feminine: add an opulent touch with a rose-gold lantern and create a romantic atmosphere with Sainsbury's stunning candles, where beautiful floral details are captured in a layer of clear gel.
Large Velvet Plum Gel Candle, £10, Sainsbury's
Small Velvet Plum Gel Candle, £5, Sainsbury's
Rose Gold Effect Lantern, £20, Sainsbury's

7/8 Give your bedroom a floral makeover

embroidered bedsheets and knitted cushion

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Florals are perfect to create a fresh new look in your bedroom. Just layer beautifully printed or delicately embroidered bedsheets with warm knits and elegant lace for a chic but cosy feel.
Springtime Bloom Embroidery Bedlinen, £28 for the double, Sainsbury's
Springtime Bloom Print Bedlinen, £25 for the double, Sainsbury's
Grey Knitted Cushion knitted cushion, £14, Sainsbury's
Springtime Bloom Knitted Throw, £30, Sainsbury's
Embroidered Lace Cushion lace cushion, £12, Sainsbury's

8/8 Add a cheerful touch

floral bunting with purple and yellow colours

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Welcome spring into your home with bunting in seasonal shades of soft purple and rich yellow. It's cheerful and bang on trend, thanks to its stylish floral design.
Multicoloured Floral Bunting, £10, Sainsbury's

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