Studio flat ideas for smart and organised living

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  • Studio flats tend to be small. They usually have one space for sleeping, cooking, eating and lounging plus a separate bathroom so they need careful planning and good organisation, not to mention a hit of creative inspiration.

    Look at the space you have in your studio apartment and decide how you can arrange furniture to create distinct areas. You may not have a separate living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom, but by using the space you have wisely you can create zones for these different functions.

    If you have the room for one, position a dining table at the kitchen end of your space and the seating and sleeping area at the other end so you are as far from the noise and smells of a busy kitchen as a single space will allow.

    Look at light levels and let the position of windows guide the placement of furniture. You may prefer a desk to sit under a window, for example, rather than a sofa so that you can work with maximum light and be able to open and close windows easily.

    The placement of a sofa will dictate the position of your TV so check where your sockets are and how easily it will be to run cables and aerials to that spot. Use flooring to help demarcate function. Rugs can help to ‘ground’ furniture and designate a space for dining or lounging, while a break from laminate to carpet signals the move from practical kitchen space to comfortable living area.

    As studio flats are small it pays to keep walls plain and neutral throughout, though you may want to be a bit more adventurous in a separate bathroom or do something different if you have a ‘kitchenette’ type of arrangement that sits slightly back from the main living area. Keep window treatments uniform too to keep the look consistent.

    A bathroom or shower room will be a separate space so let your creative juices flow. One of the benefits of having a tiny room is that it won’t cost too much to make it fabulous. You can try out those tiles you’ve always fancied or that favourite wallpaper. If your bathroom is an internal space with no window, let the decorating scheme add the light, colour and pattern.

    Dual-purpose furniture is a brilliant solution in a small space such as a studio flat. Of biggest benefit is a sofabed as it means you won’t have to have a double bed out on show during the day. Look for a sofabed that can house your bedding too so you don’t have to worry about storing it somewhere else.

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