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Yellow and green decorating schemes have an easy affinity with nature and with spring. It’s a colour combination that instantly suggests leaves and flowers and trailing patterns and florals. It is a pairing that, in the right tones, can be used in any room in the home.

Yellow and green evoke spring-fresh interiors, such as bright and inviting living spaces and jolly, fun-themed children’s rooms. In a paler register they can be channelled into practical but pretty kitchens or conservatories while, at the deeper, darker end of the spectrum, greens can bring a sophisticated edge and oodles of character to a dining room, TV room or cloakroom.

Yellow and green is a strong colour combination, but you can use it in a subtle decorative way. Consider decorating with white as well to breathe a bit of space into a scheme if you feel the tones are a little overwhelming. Look too at the ratio of patterns to plains as a riot of colour may be too much alongside a full-on pattern clash. Ease back by switching to plains on fabrics or flooring.

You may prefer to restrict yellow to an accent role only, letting green take care of the larger surfaces in your room. Keep yellow for accessories, such as cushions, lampshades and rugs, or specific sections of furniture, such as seats on chairs or legs on tables. Introduce yellow through artwork, tiebacks or table linen.

Even the tiniest shot of yellow is easily picked up and it takes very little to have an impact. Alternatively, just keep yellow for fresh or faux flower displays, which you can move around or switch in and out as the fancy takes you.

Yellow and green dining room with tropical theme (pictured)

Go full-on tropical in a conversation-piece dining room with lush and vivid green and bright sunny banana yellow. An enchanting wallpaper and toning bench back rest create a no-holds-barred setting for a signature black dining table and designer chairs in eye-popping yellow, all set atop a magic carpet in zingy lime. And don’t forget that banana tieback…

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