Escape to the Chateau's Angel Strawbridge tips for styling a bar cart to perfection

The Escape to the Chateau star shares her top tips for styling a bar cart ready for the festive season

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Angel Strawbridge from Channel 4's Escape to the Chateau is no stranger to hosting, so we can definitely learn a thing or two from her as the festive season creeps up on us. If you're looking for a way to spruce up your Christmas party ideas, setting up a bar cart for the festivities is something we're sure your guests will thank you for.

When Ideal Home visited the Chateau to celebrate the launch of the new Chateau TV range we asked the Escape to the Chateau star for her top tips in styling a bar cart to perfection, just in time for those seasonal cocktails. Whatever your budget or preference, she reveals quick fixes as well as opportunities to get stuck in with a little DIY.

Indigo bar stand with glasses and decorative items on top next to honeycomb stools

Bar at the Chateau

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Angel Strawbridge's 5 tips for styling a bar cart to perfection

1. Paint it your favourite colour

Angel begins by saying that sometimes you may end up with a bar cart that isn't quite your fancy with its style and colour, but she lets us in on quick DIY fixes to style it to your version of perfection. 'Getting one, sanding it down, painting it up that favourite colour using a spray so you get that lovely finish on it.'

2. Make it personal to you

'Decoupage or do something that means something,' says Angel. 'We did one on the make-do and mends where she included pictures of her grandma so there was a link to her family. So when she put everything on, the bar cart meant something to her.'

'Do the colours you want, but put something that is meaningful – pictures from the kids, or something that is a special date. Just that little something.'

Glass decanter and glasses on top of gold bar cart

Bar cart at the Chateau

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3. Decorate it with plants

We love adding a bit of greenery to any space as much as the next person, and Angel agrees. 'Always put a plant or a little something. A nice draping ivy.' Choosing to decorate with house plants is always a solid way to spruce any space up.

houseplants fresh vs faux houseplants on desk

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4. Consider opting for a taller trolley

Bar carts are often simply decorative due to there size, however, if you do plan to use yours for making cocktails as well as pouring out a quick tipple, Angel suggests going for something a bit taller. 

'If you're going to make a cocktail I always have something a bit higher,' she says, warning that otherwise, you might feel like you're leaning down all the time.

Glass decanter and bottles on top of gold bar cart

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5. Use elegant glasses and decanters

Angel is keen to encourage decorating a bar cart with quality glassware. 'It can be eclectic, old martini glasses,' she says. 'You don't have to use all of them, it's all about the ceremony isn't it of going to a trolley, taking the things out of different places. Maybe you'll use it once a month or once a week, but it's still there to make you happy.'

Angel says that there are 'so many lovely glass decanters' out there that are 'going to last,' so it's worth looking around for what will fit your fancy. 'Again, it's that ceremony. Having a decanter of whisky, pouring it into a lovely glass. It's like having tea out of a china teacup.'

Will you be trying any of these out this hosting season?

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