Our favourite U.S. grandma teaches us the best lesson in picking a Christmas tree

Fans are calling these Christmas tree tips 'groundbreaking'

Decorated Christmas tree in furnished living room
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Our favourite American grandmother, Babs, took to TikTok to teach us the best lesson on picking the perfect real Christmas tree every year. Fans have even gone on to call her advice 'groundbreaking', so you know we just had to share.

Deciding on a Christmas tree can be a task and a half. With so many options to choose from, it's difficult to keep best practices all in one place – that's why Babs, known as 'everyone's grandmother' is here to the rescue, stacked with tips on how to ensure you have the perfect Christmas tree every holiday season.

Decorated Christmas tree in furnished living room

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Babs' 5 top tips on picking the perfect Christmas tree

In a recent TikTok video shared by Babs (@brunchwithbabs), she lists her 5 top tips for picking a real Christmas tree. Each tip she shared was news to us and worth noting down, but we loved the third tip in particular where she tells us to cut off the bottom of the trunk right before we plan to put it up in our homes.


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'Give your tree a fresh cut right before you're going to put it up,' advises Babs. 'Even if you cut your own tree down, by the time you get home that sap could've already closed that trunk and your tree will not be able to drink.'

The video then cuts to her holding the fresh cutting from the tree, holding it up she says 'it smells divine,' patting the tree trunk and saying that 'it's all ready for its first drink.' We think it's a genius little trick and often overlooked in the process of picking and caring for a real Christmas tree.

Decorated real Christmas tree inside furnished living room

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As a bonus tip, she even adds that 'you can take the fresh cut from the trunk of the Christmas tree' and 'make an ornament out of it.' We think this is a clever little DIY Christmas decorating idea that's perfect for decorating a Christmas tree. Babs even goes on to say that 'you can save them throughout the years', making them a sweet memorabilia of past festive seasons to look back on.

Decorated real Christmas tree in furnished white themed dining room

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Fans went crazy over the American grandmother's advice, calling it 'solid' and 'groundbreaking.' Another commented, 'Bless this woman who doesn't gatekeep knowledge.' Even people who don't opt for real Christmas trees, but rather their best artificial Christmas tree, commented saying, 'We're a plastic tree family but this is interesting.' 

It's amazing what internet moms like Babs can do to advise and better inform us with these golden tidbits of knowledge, because of course, the more the merrier.

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