Fearne Cotton reveals the decorating tip she relies on to create a comfortable home

The presenter turned podcaster shares one very simple decorating tip

Fearne Cotton in her home, in front of a window and with colourful furniture around her
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Her podcast is entitled ‘Happy Place’ – so it makes sense that presenter, author, and mum Fearne Cotton knows a thing or two about creating a happy, comfortable home that suits your needs and looks good.

The 40-year-old is all about positivity and wellness, so we weren't surprised to hear that she has a major decorating tip that she relies on in her home, to put those important principles into practice on a daily basis.

blue velvet armchair with cushion, side table and candles with mug and houseplant

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Fearne Cotton's simple decorating tip

One of the most important things Fearne takes into consideration when she is designing and tweaking her home decor (including her favourite color tip), is to create areas that will enable her to conduct her daily habits and rituals with ease – and in a joyful manner.

She explained, 'Ritual behaviours enable us to manage daily life stresses, whether it’s a morning cup of tea or evening quiet time. Building and decorating spaces that allow you to practise your daily rituals are key in maintaining happiness and wellbeing.'

Fearne Cotton sat in a hanging chair in her Yogi garden

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We couldn’t agree more – designing and decorating your home to make these rituals as joyful and simple as possible is so important. You could, for example, create a fun section on your kitchen countertop, with your best coffee machine and favourite coffee flavours easily to hand.

Or, you might create a quiet, comfy part of the living room where you can do your morning meditation without interruption. So what and where is that place for Fearne?

Her special place, where she can conduct one of her favourite daily rituals, is her reading corner, which she recently redesigned as part of her Happy Spaces partnership with eBay.

blue velvet armchair with cushion, side table and candles with mug and houseplant

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'There’s nothing more important than relaxing with a good book and a cuppa, so taking centre stage is a big velvet teal armchair,' Fearne says. 'Accompanying the armchair are some colourful mood-boosting textured cushions and throws, that evoke a sense of feeling loved and protected. 

'There are many ways a reading nook can improve your sense of wellbeing. Adding candles to a reading space will bring soothing lighting to your self-care ritual. Processing calming smells stimulates the production of serotonin and dopamine to regulate mood, so lighting some whilst you read is a great way to de-stress,' she adds.

We’re so with you, Fearne. We can't wait to bring some cosy reading corner ideas to life in our own home...


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