One of the 'simplest ways' to make your room look more expensive, according to interiors expert Kate Watson-Smyth

Size does matter, people!

Netural living room with boucle armchairs, marble coffee table, and red sofa
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Interiors expert and journalist, Kate Watson-Smyth, shares her best-kept secret to instantly making a room look more expensive: and it's all to do with supersizing everything – especially rugs.

Living room rug ideas are a no-brainer addition if you're looking to add impact to your space, however, it's oftentimes we underestimate just how big we need to go with them as well as struggle with rug placement.

We've previously spoken about the most common bedroom rug sizing mistake people continue to make time and time again, and unsurprisingly, the same can be said as far as the most common living room design mistakes go. Size matters, people!

And that's exactly what the Mad About the House writer, who has partnered with TaskRabbit, is here to tell us all about.

Red sofa with boucle cushion next to marble side table and contemporary style floor lamps

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Kate Watson-Smyth's rug sizing and placement tip

Speaking to Ideal Home about rug sizing, Kate Watson-Smyth begins by saying, 'Buy the biggest you can afford, always.'

'One of the simplest ways to make your room look more expensive is big things,' she continues. 'Big plants will always look more expensive than small plants on a windowsill and in turn, big rugs will always look more luxurious. So, buy the biggest you can fit in the space.'

Living room with painted floorboards, fireplace and mirror and sofa

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While Kate will always say to go big or go home, she does however caution her advice with a word of warning: 'Of course, we don't want any rug islands with coffee table boats sailing down the middle.'

'Try and have – if not your whole furniture – at least the front legs of a sofa on your rug, so you can use that as a zoning space.'

What's more, if you know how to use your rugs, it's an easy way to zone an open-plan space. 'You can use rugs in place of walls if you're in an open-plan space.'

Kate elaborates, 'If you've got an open-plan space, a big rug with furniture on it in one area will distinguish that sitting area from, say a dining area, just right behind it where there's no rug at all.'

Dining area with black chairs and wooden table with tablecloth, galley wall on jute rug

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And if you're itching for even more rug tips, the interior expert even blessed us with a genius tip on securing a unique rug for less. This tip can be especially helpful for those looking for renter-friendly decorating ideas.

'Buy a piece of carpet and have it hemmed around the edges,' she begins. 'That way you can get perhaps a patterned carpet that you might not think about having wall to wall but rather a smaller carpet with a bit of floor around the edge.'

'It will cover the space, look quite pretty, and is much cheaper than buying a whole new rug.'

Wallpapered living room extending to kitchen, teal velvet sofa and ottoman coffee table with patterned rug

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Of course, with all of these tips, Kate reminds us to 'check our door clearances' before buying any rugs as there's no use in following her expert tips if the rug doesn't even fit in our rooms in the first place.

And just like that, you're well on your way to mastering rug sizing and placement 101.

Netural living room with boucle armchairs, marble coffee table, and red sofa

(Image credit: Future PLC/Anna Stathaki)

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