Want your bedroom to look expensive? Correct this common design mistake for a luxe-looking sleep sanctuary

Don't ignore this design mistake that's costing your bedroom from oozing luxury

Neutral and light blue bedroom colour scheme with bedside table
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There's nothing people want more than to feel like royalty in their sleep sanctuary, however, there's a commonly overlooked design mistake that many people continue to make – and it's the very thing that's costing you an expensive-looking bedroom.

When it comes to designing a bedroom, you already know we're all about soft furnishings. From throws, cushions, to rugs, incorporating these soft, dreamy textiles into small bedrooms and master bedrooms alike is a foolproof way to add character and much-needed cosiness to a sleep haven.

But, did you know that there's actually a wrong way to use a rug in a bedroom? Yep. This cosy addition might actually be doing more harm than good – and the fault lies in buying the wrong size in proportion to your bed.

Neutral and light blue bedroom colour scheme with bedside table

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The bedroom rug sizing mistake you're probably making

Talk surrounding this bedroom design faux pas came about after a video posted by interiors enthusiast, Kiva Brent, went viral on TikTok. The video captioned, 'This design mistake is the reason why your bedroom will never look high end!' has been viewed over 2.1 million times on the social media platform.

Kiva begins the video by saying, 'Your rug is too small.' And lo and behold, it's taking away from your bedroom's ambience.

In the same way, the size of your sofa can affect the value of your home, the size of your rug also plays a crucial role in the overall quiet luxury feel you're trying to implement in a bedroom.


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'It's not only the design and colour of your floor covering to consider when choosing a rug, the size, shape and position of a rug in any room can make a big impact on the overall aesthetic of a space, especially in the bedroom,' agrees Daniel Prendergast, design director at Iconic Rugs.

Sarah Link, head of marketing at La Redoute chimes in, 'We know that choosing the perfect rug for your bedroom can be difficult for many homes and size really is a big factor when it comes to the final decision.'

'If a rug is too small, your sleep space will feel cramped, whereas if a rug is too big it will ultimately overwhelm it.'

Neutral bedroom with patterned rug under bed with green bedding

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How to choose the right sized rug for your bedroom

'When choosing the right rug size, focus on the size of your bed,' starts an expert at Ruggable. 'Placing a large area rug under the bed is most common, and becomes the focal point of the room. The rug should be large enough for the nightstands to sit on it.'

'We recommend giving your rug approximately two feet (60cm) on all sides of the bed, leaving a neat border of visible floor space without the rug feeling like an island,' advises Sarah.

She continues, 'For a double bed, a 6x9ft (185x275cm) rug will accommodate your sleep space perfectly, alongside any side tables or a bench placed at the foot.'

On the other hand, 'for homes that boast a king-size bed in their bedroom, opting for a larger rug, which measures approximately 9x12ft (275x365cm), will ensure that it's proportionate to your furniture and space.'

Warm, gold painted bedroom walls with wooden home decor and accents

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Alternatively, another option for where to place your bedroom rug is further down the bed, so that the lower third of the bed is on the rug, but nothing else is.

An expert at Ruggable explains, 'With this layout option, the rug does not sit under the bedside tables but in front of them. There should always be a small gap (about 20cm) of visible flooring between the front of the bedside tables and the start of the rug on the floor.'

They continue, 'In terms of width, the rug should align with the outer edges of your bedside table on either side – if the edge of the rug ends in the middle of your bedside tables, it's not wide enough and will look out of place.'

Neutral bedroom with patterned rug under bed with green bedding

(Image credit: Future PLC/Julia Currie)

Overall, getting the size of a rug for your bedroom can do a lot to elevate your sleep sanctuary, so it pays to keep the above factors in mind when weighing up your options.

Who knew – size does matter, after all.

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