Paul Hollywood's Home Truths - the GBBO judge loves chilling at home in his dressing gown

Paul Hollywood, TV presenter and judge of the Channel 4's Great British Bake Off, gets up close & personal with his home

Paul Hollywood sprinkling chocolate into ramekin dishes
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Paul Hollywood, TV presenter and judge of the Channel 4's Great British Bake Off, lives in Kent with his girlfriend Melissa and two cats. 

We featured Paul Hollywood's former home before, but here he's spoken to us about how he loves to be a hermit, and hates ironing above all chores...

What’s your favourite time of the day at home?

Morning because it’s the time with me and the cats. I’m normally up by 7 - I found it very difficult to lie in ever since I started baking. 

I have two beautiful Maine Coons, so I normally feed them first thing and they come sit on my lap and give me a bit of attention being very cute.

Where’s your happy place at home?

My garden. Weirdly I really enjoy cutting the lawn. I’m a bit like Forrest Gump on my sit on mower! I enjoy the monotony of it, without having to think too much. I also do a lot of cooking outside. 

I’ve got a pizza oven which I use quite a bit. I haven’t done bread in it yet but that’s something I was going to do this year. I used to in Cyprus when I was living there, and it does work beautifully.

What's your home addiction?

Flour. Because I seem to be baking constantly! And eggs, I do eat quite a lot of eggs. In the morning I’ll have two soft boiled ‘with soldiers’ as me mum used to say.

What’s your home pet peeve?

Long grass! Can’t stand it! I’m always impatiently waiting for spring to come so I can get the lawn done. I like it when the grass is at the right level…I’m not talking about golf level but as long as it’s neat.

Paul Hollywood standing with a slice of cake

(Image credit: Haarala Hamilton)

What chore do love doing?

I like cooking. I cook a lot and it relaxes me. Because it’s not my day job I can always mess it up a bit and get away with it, but I’m still quite regimented. 

The timing has to be right, things have to be in the right place and the Parmesan has to be grated to a certain point.

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What chore do you hate doing?

I can’t stand ironing. I’m alright at it, I just don’t like doing it. Fortunately on Bake Off we have wardrobe so they have to do it for me. 

I always start by bringing a big bag with me saying ‘You can do that for me - I won’t be using it on the telly, I’ll just be bringing it home!’

What do you do if you have time at home on your own?

I might switch on the XBox and have a game. I play a lot of Battlefield 4 but the kids' nowadays just kick my arse all the time! 

When I’m playing online obviously they don’t know who I am, but I’ll be playing with this group of guys and girls and it’s embarrassing because I just get battered all the time!

What do you miss most about your home when you’re away?

I think just being at home. I like my privacy where I am and I feel safe there. I’ve become more of a hermit over the last few years. 

I like my own space in the house, kicking back, putting my dressing gown on and watching the telly and that’s where I’m my most comfortable.

Paul Hollywood sprinkling chocolate into ramekin dishes

(Image credit: Haarala Hamilton)

Quick fire questions with Paul Hollywood

1. Shoes - On or off in the house? Off

2. Eat at the table or on laps? Bit of both

3. Lighting - bright or moody? Moodily - I don’t like too bright

4. Quick shower or long bath? Long bath

5. Room decor - Colourful or neutral? Neutral - I like grey and mushroom shades.

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