How to choose the perfect scented candle for Mother’s Day

For moments that matter, make it Yankee Candle

Yankee candle
(Image credit: Yankee Candle)

Mums are some of the hardest-working people on the planet. They should be celebrated every day but on Mother’s Day especially. There's so much appreciation that we need to cram into those 24 hours, that starts with picking out the gift that's the perfect treat to make the day feel extra special.

In our opinion, there's no greater treat than a scented candle. A perfectly selected scent has the power to elevate the everyday. Many of our memories are hooked onto scent so it's the perfect gift to make moments that matter that extra bit special.

 Choosing the perfect scent 

To make the job of choosing the best candle fragrance and Mother’s Day gift easier, Yankee Candle has pooled its wealth of knowledge around scent to curate a quiz to choose the candle fragrance that matches your Mum’s personality. Thoughtful gift, sorted.

Here are just a couple of scents to get you started while you find that perfect gift. If you're looking for an unusual and warming scent for your Mum the warm Desert Bloom scent would be a perfect match. It mingles notes of rose petals, saguaro cactus and sage.  Alternatively, Pink Cherry and Vanilla might be more her cup of tea if she prefers a sweet and juicy scent to fill the home. 

Yankee candle

(Image credit: Yankee Candle)

For the more classically floral mums Fresh-cut Roses is an intoxicating crowdpleaser, that will make them feel like they’ve strayed into an English garden filled with roses. White Gardenia is another stunning scent of white Gardenia in full bloom. 

Stuck for what to get your mum? The quiz will guide you through a series of questions that make you think about what would make her smile. You’ll be asked about her hobbies, her favourite season, when she burns candles and in which room.  Armed with this info Yankee Candle has curated the ultimate scent to make her feel special this Mother’s Day. 

To make treating Mum that little bit easier Yankee Candle is offering 30% off large jars (usually priced at £29.99) on their website and in stores nationwide from 23rd February until 8th March. 

Make this Mother’s Day one to remember.

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