Before and after: a chilly, dated ensuite bathroom is transformed into spa-like space

This couple couldn't be happier with their luxurious bathroom makeover

white tiled bathroom with white flooring and bathtub
(Image credit: Future PLC/Chris Snook)

This couple made do with a chilly, dated en-suite bathroom while they did up the rest of their four bedroom detached house in Surrey. Finally, they were ready to tackle this space and solve its various problems.

‘We thought carefully about embarking on such a major project,' says the owner. 'I’d been unwell with breast cancer the previous year, so it was a difficult time personally, but it meant I was at home and it was good to focus on something productive'.

Their bathroom idea was simple, create a beautiful space for some much-needed TLC.

Spa-like bathroom makeover

white tiled bathroom with white flooring and bathtub

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Chris Snook)

The room presented a lot of challenges, with its awkward shape and sloping ceiling.  The room was too cold, too, with just an old and completely inadequate fan heater over the door. But it's now luxurious and glam.

A wall-mounted shower head provides a modern alternative to a bidet here.

Tiled sink splashback

bathroom designed walled tiles with washbasin and hand wash bottle

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Chris Snook)

The homeowners made it their mission to find a company to remove any hassle and project manage and deal with any issues. 'Bathroom Eleven was recommended by friends, so I had confidence in them from the start.'

The designer’s plans were spot on with the layout and he suggested using three types of bathroom tile ideas – which, the homeowner says, 'I would never have had the confidence to try'.

Spa-like lighting

bathroom with white walled tiles and bathtub

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Chris Snook)

A chrome trim frames the window and gives the scheme polish. The  bath panel idea rests on a plinth fitted with LEDs, which, when illuminated, add atmospheric lighting and make the bath appear to be floating.

white tiled bathroom with towel rack

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Chris Snook)

The designer addressed the issue of a sloped bathroom ceiling by taking the tiles to the very edge, and underfloor heating idea was added, proving 'a real game changer'.

'The en-suite faces north east and was always cold, but now we don’t have to brace ourselves before walking into the room,' says the owner.

Floating sink unit for space

wall tiles on bathroom with teal wall and washbasin

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Chris Snook)

A wall-mounted mixer tap frees up the basin surround for lotions and decorative objects. 'The wall-hung vanity unit looks like it's suspended in mid-air', says the owner. Visible floor beneath the vanity creates a feeling of space, ideal for small bathroom ideas to maximise compact spaces.

white walled tiles storage area with flower vase

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Chris Snook)

Recessed shelves built into a false wall behind the loo create additional storage, with downlighters fitted to provide soft, relaxing lighting after dark.

Rain-effect shower

white tiles bathroom with glass partition for shower area

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Chris Snook)

The original shower was replaced with a double-width design, which ‘doesn’t dominate the room, thanks to its low-level tray, sliding doors and slimline styling'. The rain-effect fixed shower head was a particular hit with the couple.

The project took four weeks to complete and the installation cost £17,874. The couple are thrilled with the results: 'I love how harmonious and relaxing our new bathroom feels now.'

'We created a space that is modern and warm – something classic and elegant that won’t date. After 17 years, we finally indulged ourselves!'

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