7 clever ways to organise and store clothes

Clothes all over the bedroom floor? Step this way …

When it comes to planning your wardrobe, there is one key thing you need to think about: there's no point in purchasing one unless you know how much you have to fit in it.

Well-designed clothes storage is an important element of a bedroom, but getting one that will enhance your space and not result in clothes overflowing onto the floor can be tricky.

Here's what to consider.

Up the wall

closet with clothes shoes and accessories and storage crates and hanging rails

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This is a smart way to store clothes, shoes and accessories. Forgo a cumbersome wardrobe for separate storage crates and hanging rails, which can always be hidden with a decorative curtain. Here, the back of the wardrobe is left open to let the decorative wallpaper shine through.

Making a splash

wardrobe with contemporary boxes and shelves for shoes and scarves

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The open storage in this bedroom-come-bathroom gives extra space for larger items that would be tricky to store elsewhere. Chose a mix of contemporary boxes to store larger items, while shelves are the perfect place to keep shoes and scarves.

Get creative

corner wardrobe with genius curtain cupboard vintage suitcases and luggage rack

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Small spaces give ample opportunity to get creative with storage solutions. Vintage suitcases resting on a luggage rack are perfect for storing sweaters while this genius curtain cupboard makes the most of awkward corners.

Sleek storage

wardobe pattern with colourful moroccan fabric panel

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Add a splash of colour and pattern to a mirrored wall with a built in fitted wardrobe with a colourful Moroccan fabric panel. This will give ample storage for all your wares.

The walk in wardrobe

built in wardrobe with stacked shelves and configuration of drawers and shelves

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If you're tight on space, a built in wardrobe with stacked shelves is a good option. The configuration of drawers and shelves will give ample room to store knitwear, jackets, shoes and even hand luggage.

Hang it

scandi living hangers with georg hangers with leather strings

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Bring calm and order to bedrooms or hallways with these hangers with leather strings from cool Danish brand Skagerak. Designed by Christina Liljenberg Halstrom, simply hang from a wooden rack and say hello to clean lines (and spaces).

Georg Hangers with leather strings, £45, Scandi Living

Different drawers

wicker storage chests for storing socks scarves and accessories

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Add texture to a chest of drawers by filling it will wicker storage chests - perfect for storing socks, scarves and accessories.