Steal back space and make your bedroom feel bigger

Follow our five rules for creating more room in the master bedroom

Create light

The first and foremost thing to do is to strip back the room to basics. Go for a neutral or light colour scheme and stay away from dark shades. Deep indigo blue may be a hot trend right now, but it won't do anything for a small space. Instead choose accents of the shade against a crisp white backdrop. Neutral doesn't mean magnolia either, you can choose a range of soft and gentle colours without having to be boring. There are so many gorgeous off-white shades on the market. Pare back and enjoy.

bedroom with side table and white chair

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Clear clutter
Create a seamless look by installing built-in wardrobes, rather than freestanding. Most rooms can be remodelled to accommodate built-in versions, especially older houses with alcoves as these work brilliantly. If the wardrobe doors have mirrors, even better. The more light you can shine into the space, the bigger the room will feel.

mirror on a closet door is an attractive way to visually increase the size of a room

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Mirror mirror
Even if space it at a premium there is room for a mirror. Hang one over the bed, stand one against a wall or prop one on a dressing table. Wherever you can incorporate one then do so. It'll flood light into the room, even more so if the walls are light. So be sure to heed our first rule!

bedroom with mirror on wall and white furniture

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Free feet
Any bed with a footboard, wrough-iron, sleigh or otherwise, will create a restricting feeling of a barrier. If your room is small, the footboard is likely to be the first thing you meet coming into the room. It's obtrusive and overbearing, so opt for a traditional divan for a smaller room and you'll see the space open up immediately.

bedroom with grey wall

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Focal point
Keeping the room clutter free and tidy is an obvious step for making a small space feel bigger, but one other trick is to create a focal point. You need something to draw the eye, especially in a minimal room.

bedroom with matching wall and lamp

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Keep the walls neutral, of course, and hang a striking piece of art or photograph above the bed. It will create a theme for the room and pull the whole look together.