7 steps to creating a hotel-style bedroom

Ever come back from a spoiling weekend and wished that you had a hotel-style bedroom at home? With our five step guide, there's no reason why you shouldn't have a cosseting space to call your own.

bedroom with grey headboard and table lamp
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bedroom with attached bathroom wooden flooring and bed with white cushion

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When was the last time you stayed in a luxurious hotel with a bathroom down a corridor? Exactly....an ensuite is a MUST and if you don't have one you'll have to annexe an adjoining room (or if you have a large room, sacrifice some space for a bathroom, however small).


bedroom with white wall white bed with cushions and bedside lamps

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The reason we love hotels is because they are completely devoid of clothes and the paraphernalia of daily life. Simplifying a bedroom is about more than storing clutter under a bed or on top of a wardrobe; bin it or banish it altogether. Ideally, keep your clothes in a spare room (or better still, a dedicated dressing room if you have the space). For a really serene feel, you can get away with nothing more than a bed and a pair of wall mounted lights.


bedroom with blue designed wall brown bed with cushions and white flooring

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Ever wondered why luxury hotels are so peaceful? More often than not, they have heavy interlined curtains with black out lining that keeps out noise and light out.


bedroom with yellow and white striped wall grey bed with designed cushions and white flooring

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A giant headboard, a dark paint colour or a striking wallpaper (or all three) will help create a distinctive mood that sets the space apart from the rest of your home.


bedroom with white wall tv on wall and designed drawers

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What ever the experts say, a TV (ideally wall mounted) in a bedroom is a great luxury and essential in busy households where there is competition for access to the main set. An iPod dock will help you create the right mood - and remember no lap tops or work related gizmos!


bedroom with white wall grey bed with cushions white flooring and brown drawer

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To create a truly hotel feeling ensure that your bedside table and lights are matching and symmetrical. This masculine room has the ordered calm appearance of a hotel room.


bedroom with white wall white bed with cushions and wooden floor

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There's nothing like slipping in between the crisply laundered immaculate sheets of a hotel bed but with busy lives ironing your sheets to perfection isn't realistic. Invest in some non iron sheets as a cheat. We love Sheridan's Nashe range.