Beach themed bedrooms for an instant hit of coastal style

Shake off the post holiday blues and brighten up your home with a quick coastal re-style

With shorelines being such a major draw, it's no wonder relaxed coastal style is an ever-popular look and where better to create a similar carefree and serene vibe than in a beach-themed bedroom? By using cool colours, well worn natural textures and seaside motifs you can create a fresh, relaxed look that will make every day feel like a summer holiday.

Start with the right backdrop be it stark, whiter-than-white, a cream-based shade or a grey-based stormy tone and build the look from there. Use plenty of other natural colours such as whites, greys, misty greens, sea blues, sand and driftwood browns.

Keep the look fresh yet laid-back with white-painted or weathered-wood furniture (the more beaten the better). Then fill the room with texture, panelling, baskets, woven rugs and knitted throws or cushions to help to soften the simple white or grey palette.

Finally, embrace the holiday vibe with plenty of coastal-inspired accessories, such as nautical-motif cushions and storm lanterns, and enhance your room's character with driftwood-look wood.

Coastal style has a timeless look that can be easily adapted to suit your own tastes. Whether you are creating a contemporary Balearic island look with azure blues, trying out vintage bedroom ideas with antique finds, or natural sun-bleached simplicity teamed with stripes, take a dip into our beautiful beach-themed bedroom ideas for a bit of bright and breezy inspiration.

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1. Work in weathered wood

bedroom with grey wall wooden bed with colourful cushions and grey flooring

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Take traditional Scandinavian bedroom ideas and you don't have to tweak them too much to produce a beach-style scheme. Use colours and textures of natural coastal surroundings as inspiration. Choose subtle pebble shades of pale grey, sand and stone and team with the rough warmth of weathered wood and worn linen. Build a headboard and bed platform with reclaimed planks, choose sisal flooring and a feature rug and dress the bed with wool blankets and cushions. Against simple, pale-grey walls, all those natural and woven textures will stand out beautifully creating a cosy finish. Alternatively, if you love darker hues, take a look at these nautical decorating ideas for plenty of navy and red.

2. Paint it white

bedroom with white striped wall white floor and white bed with blue designed cushions

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Get the bright summer beach look in your bedroom with plenty of white. Painted wood panelling will create a charming beach-house atmosphere that can be complemented with charming blue stripes for a fresh and calm look. Keep the room from looking too bland by mounting a picture rail to displaying favourite artwork and seaside postcards. Add warmth with soft furnishings in knitted or woven textures.

3. Make it child-friendly

bedroom with blue designed wall white floor and white bunk bed

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Beach and nautical themes make a great choice for children's bedrooms because they are fresh, enjoyable and timeless. Choose fun small-scale seaside motifs and use red accents to lift the subtle palette of whites and blues. Classic white wooden furniture will last long into adolescence and your coastal scheme is ready for a more mature update.

4. Decorate with coastal blues

beach themed bedroom with wooden floor and mirror

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Create a bedroom you won't want to leave with ocean blue walls. Marry steely blues with shingle grey for a relaxing rocky beach palette that will bring a calming peaceful tone to your room. Combine painted beach-hut style panelling, limewashed flooring and oak furniture to build an easy-to-live-with look. Then give the scheme an organic feel with pebble-toned linens, cosy throws and tactile ceramics.

5. Give it a grown-up feel

bedroom with grey and white wall blue wooden flooring and grey bed with blue cushions

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Brittain)

Reinvent beach style with inspiration from more dramatic shorelines and moody horizons. Give your bedroom depth by mixing stormy blues and warm greys to create a tonal scheme, then add accessories with stripes, checks and spots for a cosy and casual feel. Finish the drama with a large photographic beach print in black and white.

6. Take on traditional

bedroom with white wall white window and bed with blue and white designed cushions

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Simon Scarboro)

Turn your bedroom into a tranquil retreat by dressing a simple bed with light crisp covers and sheets in relaxing ocean blues and white. Let the sea breeze waft into your room through atmospheric whitewashed shutters and complete the beach look with interesting postcard-style prints of sea life loosely pegged to the wall in a laid-back manner.

7. Factor in a feminine feel

bedroom with white designed wall wooden bed and wooden drawers

(Image credit: Future PLC/ David Brittain)

Give your bedroom a relaxed sun-bleached 'visit to the beach' feel that is light, breezy and energising by day and cosy and cocooning at night. Layer textures from rough 'driftwood'-inspired finishes and woven surfaces to fine fabrics. Add subtle coastal motifs with neutral fish-print wallpaper and fabric. This scheme is perfect if you love that 'closer to nature' vibe.

8. Evoke memories of the Med

bedroom with white wall grey floor and wooden frame bed whit white and blue cushions

(Image credit: Future PLC/ James Merrell)

Take a style lesson from rustic Mediterranean villages and live with their ethos of simple, raw beauty. Create a focal point with a hotel-chic four-poster bed and layer with slouchy crumpled linens in marine blues and crisp white; the classic coastal combination to capture the relaxed island vibe. The weathered door and driftwood accessories add to the laid-back, sun-bleached haven atmosphere.

9. Make your coastal retreat inviting

bedroom with grey wall grey floor white window and grey bed with designed cushions

(Image credit: Fututre PLC/ Polly Eltes)

One of the most charming features of a seaside home, a window seat, makes an inviting spot to sit and read or simply enjoy the coastal views. A joiner can make a window seat to fit a window recess with a lift-off or hinged lid for built-in storage. This one has been made into a beautiful feature, framed by white tongue and groove on the walls. Let the views sing with simple beige linen blinds and a padded seat to match.

Jennifer Ebert