29 bedroom colour schemes – the best paint colour combinations and ideas for rooms big and small

Add some vibrancy to your life (and boudoir) with a bold bedroom colour scheme

Want to wake up a sleepy bedroom (opens in new tab) scheme with some bold colour? Let us inspire you with these colourful bedroom ideas. There are bright bursts of block colour, vibrant patterns, hushed tones and serene shades.

Choosing a bedroom colour scheme is important when deciding how you want your personal bolthole to make you feel. This may be reflecting a love of colour, going for a new trend you want to tap into, or lifting soothing whites and neutrals with a new shade.

Whichever the case, we have a bedroom colour scheme to inspire you.

1. Combine palm green and chartreuse

bedroom with wooden flooring and green wall

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore
Styling credit: Sarita Sharma)

Shades of green work beautifully with each other, so don't be afraid to mix light and dark, blue and yellow-based tones for a look that will totally energise your space.

These bold botanical prints sit perfectly in this green scheme, but if you prefer a more subtle bedroom look, go for grey or blush pink bedlinen. An accent of soft blush or even fierce fuchsia is the ideal accent with these lush greens. Our green bedroom ideas will give you more of a steer on how to use this restful shade.

2. Add dusky plums

bedroom with peach wall

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore
Styling credit: Sarita Sharma)

Brown tinted plum and mauve tones set a warm and mellow mood in a space you want to relax in. Choosing dusky tones of purple will give a soothing quality to your room where deeper tones could become too strong or overpowering .

Mix with rich accents and brass for a touch of modern glamour, or spin it rustic with greys and grainy wood. The pop of yellow- green on the headboard and bedlinen cuts through the warm wall colour for a fresh uplift.

3. Mix forest green and mustard yellow

bedroom with bed with wooden bedside table

(Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Whitmore
Styling credit: Ali Attenborough)

Cocooning in winter and cooling in summer a flat matt forest green will promote a mellow mood wherever and whenever you use it.  Deep green can work in small spaces, too – even on all four walls, it'll change mood as the day goes on, feeling fresh and energising in the morning, then dramatic and immersive at night.

Small hits of mustard yellow is the perfect accent colour and will prevent deep greens becoming too dark and gloomy.

4. Try denim blue and orange

bedroom with blue and white printed wall

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore
Styling credit: Carol Wortley)

From deep indigo tones to soft chambray shades, denim blues work with fresh whites and simple stripes for a calming, timeless scheme.

Classic stonewashed blues are your go-to colour if you love relaxed country style or a smart Hamptons-inspired look, making the perfect foundation for deeper hues and plenty of tone-on-tone patterns. Mix with a generous helping of crisp whites and a highlight of soft orange, for a touch of vibrancy against these saturated blues.

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5. Blend mint green with grey

bedroom with wooden flooring and double bed with cushions

(Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Whitmore
Styling credit: Carol Wortley)

For fans of white walls the transition to soft mint isn't too much of a stretch (we promise). This gentle green is calming in a bedroom and has a bright and uplifting mood in morning light that white can lack.

Team with flannel greys to give weight and definition to a palette of paler tones. This gentle, easy-going scheme looks great in a scandi, or modern-country setting.

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6. Use midnight blue with blush pink

bedroom with blue wooden wall and blue curtain

(Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Whitmore
Styling credit: Ali Attenborough)

This light absorbing shade is perfect for a bedroom, providing a mellow pre-sleep mood and easy-on-the-eye awakenings. If you use it on all four walls, keep the floor and ceiling crisp white and mix in plenty of neutrals to balance the darker shades.

Nude pink is the perfect accent for midnight blue, so use in in abundance on bedlinen, cushions and throws.

7. Choose coral and verdigris

bedside essentials or small toiletry items

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Mark Scott
Styling credit: Sally Conran)

Start your scheme by finding colour combinations you see and love in artwork, wallpaper or fabric. This blowsy, painterly bloom wallpaper makes a bold statement using delicate tones of blue-green and coral, and is a good wajto add character to a small bedroom.

Keep the colour thread going by dressing the bed with mis-matched cushions and quilted throws, but keeping the floorboards white and the bedlinen plain so that the riot of colour can still feel calm and restrained.

Adding plenty of wood tones in a floral inspired room keeps the look natural and avoids it becoming overpowering.

8. Relax with blush pink and denim blues

room with wooden chair mirror and table lamp

(Image credit: FuturePLC/Joanna Henderson
Stylist credit: Gemma Gear)

A few simple changes can transform a white room. Start by selecting a colour for the bottom half of your room, this blush pink creates a dreamy soft scheme that will warm up your whites.

Next add depth by choosing colours from the same pink colour family but with very different hues, such as a light and dark terracotta. Finish by adding denim blue bedlinen to ground the scheme and prevent it looking too 'girlie'.

9. Work in subtle pastel pattern

bedroom with bed with green bedding

(Image credit: Future PLC/Polly Wreford
Stylist credit: Sally Denning)

This texture effect stripe wallpaper adds depth and interest to a pastel room. It's soft coral colour is nearly neutral enough to take a stronger green on the bedhead.

Pull the two different colours together by adding cushions and throws in the same colour grouping. Leaving the top part of the wall white will allow objects on display to pop on the neutral background.

10. Set the scene with a deep blue-green

green bedroom colour scheme

(Image credit: TI Media)

If your design eye is naturally drawn to a neutral palette for the bedroom, shake things up a little with a shot of glorious blue-green. Use an elegant, rich shade of forest green or teal on the walls in your bedroom to instantly invigorate the space. While the colour is uplifting, it's not bright so it still has the power to warm up the space and create a cosy, cocoon-like feel.

Pairing rich wooden furniture adds a further touch of nature, which again has a calming feel.  If you don't want to commit to all-over colour, consider breaking it up with foolproof white accessories and soft furnishings, such as this crisp white bed linen - a safe and versatile option. Dusky pink is a stunning accent colour to add a pretty edge to the scheme.

11. Soften the mood with pale green

bedroom with teal wall and grey headboard and bedside table and pot

(Image credit: Dulux)

'When we are feeling stressed (increasingly so, in these busy and chaotic times), we need to completely reduce the visual noise,' says Dulux's Creative Director Marianne Shillingford. She suggests using tranquil colours, such as Dulux's Colour of the Year Tranquil Dawn, seen here, that 'melt the walls away and reconnect us with nature.'

This shade could well be the key to a better night's sleep.

12. Stick to sophisticated charcoal grey

modern bedroom with grey headboard and personalised wall art

(Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Whitmore)

Stick to a tried-and-tested palette. The grey-on-grey trend shows no sign of fading. Explore the many depths of this colour palette by layering tones to create a scheme that looks cohesive and considered.

Use grey in both its palest and deepest incarnations to create a rich, contrasting look that is harmonious and co-ordinated. Add a welcome splash of colour with bright pink and white bedding.

13. Create a sunny scheme with mellow yellow

yellow bedroom with yellow wall and wooden chair

(Image credit: Future PLC /Dominic Blackmore)

Awaken the senses. Paint your bedroom in yellow if you want a scheme that is full of sunny, positive vibes. Give any bedroom a bright, welcoming feel with uplifting, mood-boosting primrose. Ideally, it should remind you of sunny days. Yellow and grey are a great combination and work really well together.

As yellow inspires clear thinking, it's also a great colour for a study area if you have space to add a desk. Improve definition with touches of crisp white and introduce pattern in the form of geometrics and chevrons for a sharp, contemporary finish. Hexagon boxes make a break from traditional shelving and have been papered inside for a decorative effect.

14. Make an impact punchy yellow and grey

grey and yellow scheme bedroom with fireplace

(Image credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole)

Let the joyous tones of yellow really sing, when used as an accent shade for muted grey. to take the colour scheme one step further than just accessories and bedding try painting a feature wall or fire-surround.

15. Add alluring tones of teal

green bedroom in east london semi detached house

(Image credit: Future PLC / David Giles)

Chose a teal paint as the base colour to make your space feel sumptuous. Painting cupboards, wardrobes or a fire surround in the same shade will make them disappear, while a headboard in a contrasting colour will make a real style statement. A mix of plain and patterned bed linen gives the bed a fashionable layered look.

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16. Keep it simple in white with colourful accessories

bedroom with double bed with white bedding

(Image credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole)

White is a classic, calming colour for bedrooms. But simple doesn't have to mean boring. To keep a bedroom feeling peaceful white walls and a natural wood floor, accessorised with tones of green and luscious prints will inject interest.

The neutral base also means you can mix things up with different textiles and bed linen, depending on the season. An all-white neutral base allows you to change the accent colour as your tastes may change.

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17. Go for regal mix of plum and gold

bedroom with wooden flooring and golden cot

(Image credit: Future PLC/Lizzie Orme)

Let the Midas touch take over with golden furniture, fabrics and wallpapers. Give a decadent metallic scheme a period feel with an Art Deco-inspired dressing table, cleverly paired with a contemporary mirror in a similar finish.

Create a beautiful contrast with pops of plum, as seen on the bedding and accessories. This will really help to lift the scheme and introduce an element of character and personality that befits a disco diva.

18. Dare to be different with a dark navy colour palette

bedroom with royal blue wall and bed with soft toy

(Image credit: Future PLC/Adrian Briscoe)

Give your bedroom a fresh, timeless vibe with a cool, calm and collected blue and white palette. Who says you can't use bold colours in country bedrooms? If you're a true fan of blue, you'll love this striking bedroom. Use indigo and navy blue as if they were neutrals and you will find you can combine them with just about any colour. Add in bold accessories and daring patterns without a second thought.

If you want a calming feel to your bedroom colour scheme, then the nautical shades of blue and white complement each other beautifully. Choose subtly striped wallpaper for this coastal living room theme, teamed with white bed linen and a navy wool throw.

Plump white pillows overlaid by cushions in contrasting shades of navy blue follow the coastal theme through. Alternatively go for all white bedlinen and accessories, experiment with fabrics and textures introducing embroidered bed linen, silk cushions and lace wallpaper.

19. Be bold with orange

bedroom with orange wall and bed with bedside lamp

(Image credit: Future PLC/Tim Young)

Create an earthy country scheme with a rusty orange colour. Combine it with cushions that feature a similar shade in their patterns. Leather accessories and wooden furniture are ideal partners for this woodland-inspired bedroom and create a vintage vibe. To stop the look becoming too dark, floors have been painted white and the curtains kept light - we love the supremely cute stag design.

Alternatively, create order in the room with tailor-made storage and streamline shelving for essentials to avoid clutter. And if you enjoy the look and feel of natural wood, a bed with an oversized wooden headboard will look really effective. Mix up walnut, beech and birch with natural cotton bedlinen in shades of taupe and white, and finish the look with sisal and woven rugs for a wonderfully natural look.

20. Play with vibrant combinations

pink and yellow bright floral bedroom

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore)

Add some bold colour to your bedroom to spruce it up a bit. It's not just about splashing some colour in your bedroom, it's how you use it that counts. Use this room as your inspiration and use a striking but unexpected and imaginative combination of yellow and pink to create an intense scheme that looks anything but dull. Set it against a white backdrop so the daring palette breathes life into a neutral scheme.

21. Rethink pink

chic pink and white bedroom with chandelier

(Image credit: Future PLC/Tim Young)

Create a sophisticated boudoir with a grown-up shade of pink. Delicate nude pink is an elegant hue that's perfect for a romantic feel. Its underlying beige tone prevents it being overly girly - make it modern by teaming it with fresh white on the furniture and walls.

Wide stripes on the wall add visual impact and also help to keep the balance of colour just right so that it's virtually half white and half pink throughout the room.

Hold back on the bold pattern, but add subtle texture with a Jacquard bedspread and oversized buttoned headboard for an indulgent, luxurious feel. Copper is a great complement to blush pink, as the cool tripod lamp shows. A clear chandelier adds to the glamour, without interrupting the colour scheme.

22. Paint in purple

bedroom with purple wall and bed with purple bedding

(Image credit: Future PLC/Tim Young)

After purple bedroom ideas? This isn't Pantone's Colour of the Year 2018 for no reason! Cosy up with dusky shades of heather and grey. Soothing shades like these are perfect if you want a space to feel warm and relaxing.

Let a vintage-style floral print be the starting point for your colour scheme. The purple background colour of the duvet is the strongest shade used in the room - don't overuse it or the effect will be too garish.

Take your other colours from the floral print, with its muted shades of heather, lilac, grey and soft beige, and use these for walls, flooring and accessories: heather and grey painted walls, a lilac throw on the bed and soft beige carpet and chair. Glass lamps hung low each side of the bed create subdued pools of light - perfect for a sleep-inducing scheme.

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23. Work with warm brown tones

warm and cosy bedroom with wood headboard

(Image credit: Future PLC/Mark Scott)

Wood isn't just for rustic rooms. This chic bedroom combines polished walnut, oak and birch with natural linens, textured woollens, soft grey walls and sisal flooring for a grown-up, contemporary feel. Have an oversized headboard made in walnut veneer to anchor the scheme. There are clever concealed shelves behind the front panel to hide clutter.

Layer the bed with natural linen bedding, knitted throws and tactile cushions so that it looks inviting and feels cosy. Mix wood finishes such as oak and birch for bedroom furniture and accessories - mid-toned woods like these work naturally together.

24. Wow with all-white

white bedroom with textured wallpaper and bedlinen

(Image credit: Future PLC/Tim Young)

Simple but oh-so sophisticated, an all-white bedroom scheme like this just oozes glamour. Make an oversized lace-pattern wallpaper the starting point for the room. With a barely-there paper you can be bold with pattern - the bigger the better.

Add a supersized headboard made from MDF painted glossy white for maximum shine. Attach floating shelves as bedside tables and add low-hung pendants to minimise clutter. All-white bed linen is a must for this look - just layer it up with pillowcases, cushions and throws with lace or crochet details. Different textures are the key to making the scheme three-dimensional rather than flat.

25. Go for a gorgeous grey

grey bedroom with velvet bed

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore)

Turn your bedroom into a luxurious retreat with a sophisticated palette of pewter and platinum. While the look is ultra-glamorous, the effect is easy to achieve if you keep to similar tones throughout the room. Mix shades and tints of the same colour, from dull pewter to polished platinum.

Start with a statement bed, like this upholstered sleigh-style bed in a plush pewter velvet. A glass chandelier hung low over the bed helps to grab the attention, and will glisten and sparkle against all the metallic tones around the room.

Carry on the luxe theme, with metallic wallpaper panels either side of the bed. Hang just one drop behind each bedside table, so even if it's a pricey paper, you can get the luxe effect without spending a fortune.

26. Rough up the edges with coral

peach bedroom with yellow and blue accents

(Image credit: Rough up the edges)

Colour doesn't have to cover the whole wall if you don't want it to. Paint half way up for a slightly 'undone' approach to decorating that works surprisingly well. If it's the artist's studio type vibe that you're going for, try a smudgy sponge effect between the two colours, rather than a perfectly straight line.

27. Try subtle colour injections

bedroom with wooden wall cladding and house plants

(Image credit: Future PLC/Catherine Gratwicke)

Clad walls in wood as a warm and rustic alternative to white paint. It's not a colour as such, but it adds a lot of interest to a scheme - and let's face it, not everyone wants to experiment with the super-brights. Here, colour hits are provided by the throw and cushion.

Plants are great for brightening, too, adding beautiful greenery to this natural-looking space.

28. Play with colours and scale

colourful bedroom mural

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore)

The bright and bold botanical mural is clearly the main focus of this rather snazzy bedroom, but it's the eye-popping accessories that take if from flouncy to fabulous quicker than you can say 'switch the lamp on please'! A black metal bedstead adds a masculine touch that is the perfect balance to all the florals.

29. Match your blooms

bedroom with flower printed wall

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Brittain)

Fancy a fresh new look in the bedroom for spring? Then why not say it with flowers? The zesty yellow floral wallpaper is the star of the show in this bedroom. Teaming it with chic shades of grey, tones the whole scheme down and prevents the paper being overpowering.

Keep other patterns to a minimum and go small-scale rather than large, such as the grey damask pillowcases and herringone throw. Balance the bold walls with simple, streamlined furniture, like the tailored headboard, plain side tables and upholstered ottoman.

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Given the amount of time we spend in our bedrooms it's important to the overall feel just right, it's the one room that becomes a personal sanctuary. Choose the bedroom colour scheme that speaks to you most and get decorating, to make it feel like a dreamy space to spend your time.

Which bedroom colour scheme will you be choosing to redecorate your room?

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