Relaxed bedroom ideas

After relaxed bedroom ideas? Take a look at these fabulously restful and calming design ideas for beautiful bedrooms

Looking for relaxed bedroom ideas? Of all the rooms in the home it is the bedroom that most craves peace, quiet and tranquillity. All these things can be emphasised and suggested by what we choose to put in our room. Pick furniture, soft furnishings and colours carefully and your bedroom can be a pleasure to be in.

When it comes to colour schemes for bedrooms think about how colour affects your mood and the impact it will have on the space you are working with. Pale shades and deep colours can both have calming effects, but which will work for you? How big is your room and how high are the light levels? Both of these things will affect the decorating shades you choose. And what about pattern? Would the prettiness of a gentle toile wallpaper win out over plain painted plaster and how might this work with the rest of your scheme?

Balance considerations of colour and pattern with those of texture. Don't underestimate the warming, comforting attributes of fabrics such as velvet, suede, faux fur and silk. Texture may provide a winning alternative to printed pattern in a smaller space. Softness underfoot is important in a bedroom, so invest in a good carpet with underlay for maximum comfort.

Clutter can be stress-inducing and should have no part in a relaxed bedroom scheme, so be canny when it comes to bedroom storage solutions. Look to streamline furniture and furnishings wherever possible. Incorporate storage under beds, in window seating or behind sliding doors, keeping floor space as uncluttered as possible. Try and keep the well trodden path between bed, window, storage and door as clear and unhindered as possible - you want everyday chores to be as simple and speedy to carry out as possible.

Look for bedroom lighting ideas that are mood-enhancing. Think about dimmer switches for central pendant lights and fittings that add a hint of sparkle and glamour. Touch-activated bedside lamps will free you from fumbling about for flex or wall switches, while spotlights or task lighting are worth considering for dressing tables and built-in storage.

1/10 Relaxed bedroom in beamed roof space

bedroom with white wall and bed

(Image credit: Future PLC/Poly Eltes for Coutnry Homes & Interiors)

If you have architectural features like this, let them shine by doing nothing to distract from them. Here, country cream walls and carpeting, enlivened by a hit of fuchsia on soft furnishings, keep the scheme pared back and simple yet full of relaxed charm.

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Laura Ashley

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2/10 Relaxed bedroom with floral feature wall and shades of blue

bedroom with window and bed

(Image credit: Future PLC/Lizzie Orme)

A little blue can go a long way. Keep its coolness at bay by teaming two or three shades with warming grey and gentle buff. This is not a large space, but the combination of floral pattern on a designated wall and textured headboard and throw creates a small but beautiful haven of calm and tranquillity.

Ceiling light

3/10 Relaxed bedroom with wooden sleigh bed

bedroom with white wall and bed

(Image credit: Future PLC/Brent Darby)

Let statement furniture be the key to a relaxed bedroom scheme. The rich wood tone and curving lines of this magnificent sleigh-style bed have a wonderfully calming effect in this smart bedroom. Teamed with matching bedside tables and a richly patterned rug against a crisp, clean neutral backdrop, the space takes on the simplicity of a colonial look, with a tab-top drape emphasising the star piece.

Browns of Henley

4/10 Relaxed bedroom with restful neutrals and hi-gloss furniture

bedroom with grey wall and bed

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Brittain)

A restful space is one that is well organised, so think about zoning the different areas of your bedroom to help keep everything in its place. Here the use of tables streamlines the space. Bedside tables provide organised storage and perches for lighting, while a console, tucked behind a false wall, does double duty as a dressing table. A muted palette is soothing and easy on the eye, while hits of gloss add sparkle.

Modern Rugs
Console and bedside tables
House of Fraser

5/10 Relaxed bedroom with all-white scheme and hits of red and yellow

bedroom with white wall and bed

(Image credit: Future PLC/Claire Lloyd Davies)

If a small bedroom looks and feels cramped it will not be easy to relax in, but keeping a decorating scheme as simple as possible will open up the space. Here an all-white backdrop is light, bright, clean and fresh and allows the warmth of the wood floor to shine through. Furniture and fittings have also been kept white and to the bare minimum. Venetian blinds bring the window into full view in a way that curtains never could.

John Lewis

6/10 Relaxed bedroom with black four poster and silk fabrics

bedroom with white wall and bed

(Image credit: Future PLC/Robert Sanderson)

A monochrome scheme has an elegant, unfussy feel when it's inspired by oriental design. A black four-poster adds elegant lines to this white room, creating a framing element around the bed that references the black-and-white blind and black side tables. A hit of rich colour in the form a red silk throw is a simple touch that instantly harmonises the scheme by emphasising the central element in the space.

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Blind fabric
Designers Guild

7/10 Relaxed bedroom with off-white scheme and Velux-style window

bedroom with white wall and bed

(Image credit: Future PLC/Holly Jolliffe)

Attic bedrooms will often have low sloping ceilings and awkward configurations that can make the space feel top heavy and hemmed in. Lessen the impact by using a subtle blend of off-white shades to blur the boundaries between walls, ceilings and floor into less distinct features. Wall lights are a clean-lined alternative to space-hugging table lamps and tall bedside tables can take on the work of chests of drawers so there's no need to double up on furniture. Include black pillowcases with a white duvet cover - it's a little touch that has a big impact. Amidst the monochrome, subtle greys add the warmth.

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Olive and the Fox

8/10 Relaxed bedroom with rich textures and deep shades

bedroom with brown wall and bed

(Image credit: Future PLC/Matthew Williams)

Texture and colour are the benchmarks of a relaxed room. In this space a black feature wall grounds the scheme and allows bed, console and lighting to take centre stage. A beautiful solid wood floor shines in this scheme, with a fabulously textured throw adding the snuggle factor. The feathered dreamcatcher is a lovely touch above the bed.

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Julian Chichester

9/10 Relaxed bedroom with country florals and shades of blue

bedroom with white wall bed

(Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Scarboro)

There's something so comforting about pattern. Choose carefully and it is possible to combine florals, stripes and polka dots for a cosy country-cottage feel. Here pale blues in a subtle mix of gradations keep the disparate designs in harmony. Limit patterns to the bed and keep the decorating a wash of white. You'll sleep like a baby.

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10/10 Relaxed bedroom with curvy modern furniture and geometric wall

bedroom with bed and pillows

(Image credit: Future PLC/Paul Raeside)

Dusky pink and lilac shades, contemporary furniture and a stripped back floor keep this modern space cool, calm and collected. Signature lighting adds interest above the bed while a multicoloured feature wall creates the visual impact of a headboard - and some. The curving lines of the furniture are elegant, simple and sophisticated, creating a restful scheme with bags of personality.

The French House
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Olive Loves Alfie