Do you need to swap to a V-shaped pillow? Experts reveal the benefits of this unusual head and neck support

This is the new 'it' pillow that we're adding to basket

V-Shaped Washable Wool Pillow
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To achieve a good night's sleep, your bedroom and bed environment need to be right - from the mattress to the pillows. Recently, we came across something of a revelation in the form of V-shaped pillows. Now, you might be wondering, like us, what they are, and do you need a V-shaped pillow?

The improved head, neck and shoulder support makes this style one of the best pillows we’ve come across. While you might not want to completely swap out your old pillows for these, they would sure make the perfect addition to your pillow arsenal for several reasons.

So if your interest in these uniquely shaped pillows has been peaked, then wait till you hear the amount of benefits they come with according to sleep experts. 

Fogarty Cool Sleep V-Shape Pillow

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Do you need a V-shaped pillow?

Whether it’s time to replace your pillows or you’re looking to add to your pillow collection, a V-shaped pillow is the perfect candidate.

‘Unlike regular pillows, a V-shaped pillow features two connecting sides that allow the head and neck to comfortably rest in between,’ says Sally Bonser, Silentnight spokesperson. ‘V-shaped pillows are a great multi-functional addition to the bed and the home, specifically designed to help support the user in different ways.’

The benefits of V-shaped pillows

‘They are shaped this way to provide targeted support to the natural contours of the body, such as under the neck or along the spine,’ says Chris Tattersall, sleep expert and MD of Woolroom.

As such, this type of pillow is especially great for those that need that kind of special support. 

‘I would recommend a V-shaped pillow for individuals who are suffering from neck or shoulder pain as they provide targeted support to these areas, promoting proper alignment and reducing discomfort,’ Chris says. 

‘Pregnant women can also benefit greatly from V-shaped pillows, as they can help relieve pressure on the abdomen, and alleviate any pain in the back and hips, improving overall sleep quality. Additionally, mothers who are breastfeeding will find V-shaped pillows to be extremely useful for providing support and comfort during nursing sessions.’

V-Shaped Washable Wool Pillow

(Image credit: Woolroom)

Karen Innes, new product innovation manager at Slumberdown, adds, ‘One of the main benefits of V-shaped pillows is the way in which they keep the head elevated whilst the sides prevent users from rolling over. This is great for those who often move around a lot in their sleep, and in particular anyone recovering from pain or injury who should try to remain still whilst sleeping.’

However, anyone and everyone can really benefit from the distinct design as the elevated position this pillow forces its user to be in has a host of side benefits.

‘They can also promote better posture, encouraging optimum spinal alignment. By providing targeted support to these areas with a V-shaped pillow, they can alleviate discomfort and prevent the development of musculoskeletal issues over time,’ Chris says.

Karen continues, ‘In some cases, they can even relieve snoring and sleep apnea due to the elevation of the upper body.’

Silentnight V Shaped Support Pillow

(Image credit: Silentnight)

Should you swap out your old pillow for a V-shaped one?

Similarly to determining how many pillows you should sleep with, deciding whether you should swap your existing pillow for a V-shaped one is very personal and subjective as it depends on your sleeping preferences. 

But if you’re asking whether you should add a V-shaped pillow to your bed, then the answer is a resounding yes. As it’s not only great for sleeping, but also for relaxing, watching TV or reading a book.

‘I would recommend people adding a V-shaped pillow to their sleep environment for added support rather than swapping them out entirely,’ Chris advises.

‘The firm V shape makes for improved comfort sitting upright, reading, watching TV, resting, or simply relaxing before, during or after bedtime,’ Karen concludes.

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