Where to put a bed in a room for a good night's sleep - the experts tell us all

Could your bed positioning be stopping you from getting a good night's sleep?

a green bedroom with green painted walls and a bed with pink bedn linen with two baskets on the floor at the end of the bed
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Your bedroom is your place of sanctuary, rest and sleep – but it's likely just set up in a way that first made sense to you when you moved in. However, learning where to put a bed in a room can make all the difference to your space. 

According to experts though, it could well be worth reconsidering the layout of your bedroom ideas, in order to create the most conducive atmosphere for sleeping. 

In particular, experts advise giving some thought to the placement of your bed when thinking about how to arrange furniture in a bedroom, to make sure your space aligns according to the principles of Feng Shui.

If you’re not familiar, Feng Shui is the practice of arranging your homeware items in a way that aligns with the natural world, to encourage a more positive 'flow' in your living space.

Where should you put a bed in a bedroom?

Interiors therapy and Feng Shui Expert Suzanne Roynon, who spoke with Bensons for Beds, said that if you want to encourage a calm and restful sleep, your bed probably shouldn’t be directly opposite your door.

She explained, 'In Feng Shui, we avoid placing a bed with the foot in a direct line to the door, as this is said to deplete the energy of the occupants during the night.'

We can understand that - if you’re directly facing the door of your bedroom, it could be distracting, leaving you wondering what tasks (or disruptive kids or animals), could be on the other side.

So if bedroom design tips dictate that a direct line to the door is to be avoided, we still need to know where to put a bed in a room.

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Feng Shui dictates that your bed, as pretty much the most important item in your bedroom, should hold a ‘commanding’ position whether you're working with large or small bedroom ideas

This means for where to put a bed in a room, although it shouldn’t be directly in front of (or behind) the door, you should still be able to see the exit of your room. 

Celebrity psychic and spiritual expert Inbaal Honigman, revealed, 'As a rule, you should be able to see the bedroom door from the bed, to give the sleeper a sense of control over the whole room.'

But, she said, 'The most important thing is for the bed to be positioned in a secure position. Having a headboard, and being against a wall is really a number one priority to give the sleeper a sense of being safe in bed.'

bedroom with timber headboard with built-in bedside lamps and a matching bedside table white and grey bedlinen

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According to Feng Shui experts, when considering where to put a bed in a room, having your headboard set against the wall – as opposed to having it hovering in an open space – creates a subliminal feeling of security, and support, which arguably is essential for a good night’s sleep.

Inbaal also explained that if you’re after the ideal bedtime set-up, you should also 'have some space on either side of the bed to help balance all aspects of the room,' if possible. 

If you sleep in bed with a partner in master bedroom ideas, you may already have your bed set up in this way; but if you don’t, it’s an interesting consideration. We know we’d do pretty much anything for a bit more quality shut-eye!


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