Master bedroom ideas – that are guaranteed to turn your bedroom into a showstopper

Whether your master bedroom is small or large, these ideas will help take it from ordinary to extraordinary
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  • Looking for master bedroom ideas? Of all the rooms in the home, the master bedroom is the showstopper. Plan it well and it will be a pleasure to step into it every evening for many years to come. When you start looking for master bedroom design ideas, always consider what is going to work in the room you have – make a virtue of the size and shape of your space – whether it’s small or large, uniform or quirky.

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    Design a master bedroom layout that will make a feature of your bed. Place it centrally in your space for maximum impact – up against a chimney breast, between two windows or midway between architectural features, such as beams or the apex of a roof space.

    Think carefully about the design of your bed before you buy. What will work best in your space? Look at bateau styles and four posters. Check out caned models, upholstered and buttoned headboards and high head and foot rails.

    What do you put in a master bedroom?

    In a small bedroom or master suite, it may pay to have a bed that incorporates storage, such as built-in or pull-out drawers. Otherwise, look for bedroom storage ideas that include wardrobes, chests of drawers and bedside tables.

    Built-in designs will make the most of every inch and when streamlined and fuss-free are a natural fit for modern bedrooms. Freestanding furniture is more suited to classic and vintage-style bedrooms. Place the pieces symmetrically wherever possible so that they create a cohesive, well-ordered scheme that will not distract from the main attraction – the bed.

    Master bedroom ideas

    1. Make a statement with a modern four-poster bed

    Master bedroom ideas 6

    Image credit: Colin Poole

    Go back a hundred years or so, and no master bedroom would have been complete without a four poster bed. However, a four poster bed doesn’t have to be old fashion. The traditional bed shape has been given a modern update in this room. Ornate posts have been swapped for simple white-washed versions.

    The bed has been paired with a navy blue accent wall, for a master bedroom that looks thoroughly modern.

    2. Make a feature of an original fireplace

    master bedroom ideas 1

    Image credit: Brent Darby

    If you are lucky enough to have an original fireplace in your bedroom, instead of ripping it out for more storage, consider turning it into a focal piece in the room. Nothing says luxury more than a fireplace in a bedroom. Style it with a vase full of flowers and a gallery wall, so you’ll always have something beautiful to wake up to.

    3. Incorporate a chill-out zone

    Master bedroom ideas 3

    Image credit: Polly Eltes

    If you are lucky enough to have a substantial space for your dream master bedroom, make the most of it by adding in seating. Whether this is a chair in the corner of the room, or even a sofa! In this master bedroom, a lovely window seat has been included. Providing extra storage and a lovely place to read or look out the window with a morning coffee.

    4. Stick to one accent colour

    Master bedroom ideas 5

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore


    Colour up for a master bedroom with a difference. The secret to this smart room lies in its strictly controlled colour scheme. Walls and flooring are kept free of pattern and matched in a vibrant pale blue. The low-profile bed is a simple affair made special by the simple upholstered headboard, piped in blue to match the walls. White shelving, flank the bed creating a visual framing element for the bed. A bench-cum-coffee-table takes up the spot of a blanket box or end-of-the-bed ottoman, perfect for perching books.

    5. Make the bed the star of the room

    master bedroom ideas 4

    Image credit: Alison Hammond

    Make the bed the star. A master bedroom doesn’t have to be huge to be glorious. Look for reclaimed beds that retain the magic of an original design while being upgraded for today’s needs.

    The iron bedstead, and mismatched wooden bedside tables here evoke a classic vintage interior, while an on-trend dark green walls and industrial hanging bedside lamps bring the look up to date. The diamond shaped gallery wall makes this area extra special.

    6. Opt for a sunny yellow colour scheme

    Master bedroom ideas

    Image credit: James Gardiner

    Pick a wall colour that will bring bags of personality to your bedroom without taking attention away from the bed. This effortlessly cheerful yellow acts as a spotlight on the white bed, emphasising its central importance in the decorating scheme. Even the smallest of bedrooms can cope with a feature bed if it’s chosen wisely.

    This pretty caned design with its high head and footboards and stylish turned legs works because it is essentially compact in design. Choose bed linen and curtains to channel pattern and your key room colours – in this case sumptuous shades of yellow, green and white.

    7. Set the stage with a neutral colour scheme

    Master bedroom ideas 2

    Image credit: Davide Lovatti

    Set the stage for your bed to steal the show in a master bedroom, by pairing a bed with neutral walls. In this room the pretty patterned headboard blends in to the walls, drip feeding in pink accents until you reach the vibrant fushia cushions.

    8. Make a statement with silver

    Master bedroom ideas

    Image credit: Mark Bolton

    Make a statement in elegant grey. This mid tone is sophisticated against white woodwork, intricate plasterwork and coving and is warming too. A tactile throw in a slightly deeper shade and an upholstered headboard in a lighter silver, both bring in texture that warms the scheme further.

    Wall art adds interest, while pretty patterned scatter cushions introduce a lovely blue/green tone. The bed’s central role is emphasised by its position against the chimney breast, providing easy access to neat alcove shelving from both sides of the bed.

    9. Add a touch of luxury with an upholstered bed

    Master bedroom ideas

    Image credit: Brent Darby

    Blend whites and neutrals for a light and luxurious master bedroom. The network of painted beams in this opened-up roof space is as stunning as the French-style upholstered bed below.

    Bedside tables with elegantly curving cabriole legs and a mirrored finish echo the chrome lamps on top, while the ingenious wall-hung mirrors behind have the look of windows. The bed has been positioned under one of the main load-bearing roof beams, leaving lots of space for accessing a balcony via the French windows.

    10. Turn an awkward alcove into a feature

    Master bedroom ideas

    Image credit: Matthew Williams

    If you have an awkward alcove in your bedroom, make the most of it like this is master bedroom that looks fit for a princess. The alcove has cleverly been painted a darker shade to the walls to draw attention to it, with the bed infront of it. This add an extra level of drama to an otherwise very similar bed. Muted tones, linens and esoteric touches lend a restful mood to the master bedroom. A quirky birdcage has been turned into a feature light fitting.

    11. Invest in an elegant headboard

    Master bedroom ideas

    Image credit: Brent Darby

    An elegant mix of cream and soft blue creates a relaxing feel in this pretty bedroom. However, the star of the show is the elegant headboard. In a master bedroom the bed should always be the star of the show, and a create way to draw attention to it is with a stunning headboard.

    12. Create a show stopping feature wall with wallpaper

    master bedroom ideas 7

    Image credit: Simon Whitmore

    You don’t need a large master bedroom to make a statement. Give a room plenty of punch with a wallpapered feature wall. This dramatic oversized floral design is paired with a clamping colour scheming of pink and navy blue,  to make sure the space doesn’t feel overwhelmed.

    What is a good colour for the master bedroom?

    When picking a colour for the master bedroom you need to consider not just what colours you like, but the impact those colours can have on your mood. This is a space you want to stand out, but you also want to be able to relax in it.

    ‘It’s important when picking the colour palette for your master bedroom to consider how the different shades and tones can impact the feel of the space and our mood within it,’ explains Tash Bradley, colour expert at Lick Home. ‘Here are two of our favourites: Blue – as the colour of the sky, the and sleep, it invokes rest, encouraging the body to produce chemicals that are calm and soothe.’

    ‘Green – most shades recall lush grass, trees and foliage – so we intuitively connect it with Spring, new growth and optimism. Without doubt, Green is the one topping Lick’s colour charts at the moment. Perfect for the bedroom, its earthiness brings the outside in and provides a cocooning, soothing effect. Just when we all need it most in our lives.’

    A cooler shade of blue, with a touch of grey in it will create a subtle and serene room that will pair well with white furniture. While a warmer blue will work better with dark furniture.

    If you are a fan of green, consider pairing it with soft, dusky pinks for a grown-up, yet playful look.

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    Have you been inspired by these master bedroom ideas?

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