Shopping edit – 8 stylish hot water bottles for keeping warm and cosy

From luxury options to budget picks, these are the best hot water bottles for soothing and warming

The White Company’s Super-Soft Faux Fur Hot Water Bottles all together
(Image credit: The White Company)

Ahh, the trusty hot water bottle. Whether you’re someone who is always cold or you’re forever reaching for your current (albeit old) hot water bottle to soothe cramps or aches and pains, these are the top options that are all stylish and super functional. Plus, don’t forget that a hot water bottle makes a great gift idea for pretty much anyone – who wouldn’t want to unwrap an actual bundle of warmth? It goes without us saying that the ones on our list below are especially great.

We’ve searched high and low for stylish hot water bottles that you’ll want to display on your bed – because why buy a plain one when you can go all out? There are plenty of options out there now, from faux fur hot water bottles to knitted hot water bottles and even personalised options. See our top picks and put your kettle on.

Whether you’re replacing your old hot water bottle and only need a cover, or perhaps you’re looking for a hot water bottle to target something specific? We’ve spotted hot water bottles that are designed to wrap around your neck and aid relaxation, others that are made for soothing period pains and even a few personalised hot water bottles for style and warmth. Get yours now whilst the weather is cold, to use at home in bed or to take on a chilly camping trip or staycation.

The best hot water bottles to buy

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1. The White Company’s Super-Soft Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle

(Image credit: The White Company)

The best luxury hot water bottle

This ultra-luxurious option from The White Company is wrapped in a faux fur long pile fabric to conceal the heat – and to look lovely whilst keeping you warm. It’s super soft and it comes in four colourways from Dove Grey to Mink, Almond and a Natural colour. The bottle nestled inside is made of natural rubber, and the cover is machine washable for ease of use. Whether for using yourself or gifting to someone special, it ticks all our boxes.

2. Dunelm Teddy Bear Cream Long Hot Water Bottle

The best long hot water bottle

Dunelm Teddy Bear Cream Long Hot Water Bottle

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Fill this long hot water bottle and drape it over your shoulders to aid relaxation – and to soothe your muscles. Alternatively, it’s great for placing over your stomach to soothe cramps, or for perching across your feet to keep your toes warm. All in all: it’s pretty versatile thanks to its shape. It also comes with a teddy bear boucle-like fabric wrapped around it, to act as a thick barrier between the hot rubber bottle and your skin. When necessary, this cover can be machine washed and line dried.

3. High Fibre Design Hand Knitted Hot Water Bottle Cover

The knitted hot water bottle of dreams

High Fibre Design Hand Knitted Hot Water Bottle Cover in grey and white

(Image credit: High Fibre Design)

This adorable hot water bottle has been hand knitted with a chunky weave cover, designed to both look the part and play the part. There are two sizes to choose from including a mini option, and you can pick either Ivory or Light Grey. It’s 100% lambswool so you can’t wash it in your machine – meaning hand wash it is! It doesn’t come with a rubber bottle as the idea is that you use one that you already own. Other than that, it’s definitely a sumptuous buy and it would make a lovely present idea.

4. Catherine Colebrook Floral Liberty Cute Personalised Hot Water Bottle

A lovely personalised hot water bottle

Catherine Colebrook Floral Liberty Cute Personalised Hot Water Bottle

(Image credit: Catherine Colebrook)

Gift this hot water bottle to a special someone who is always cold – we all know a person! It’s rectangular in shape and although it might look like a microwaveable hottie, it’s not. Inside the decorative floral cover lives a 0.5L bottle that you fill with hot water for warmth. Personalise the letter on the front to suit your first name, and choose from a range of colours including a glitter option. Handmade by a small business, a matching eye mask is also available. Plus, it can be gift wrapped, too.

5. Dunelm Teddy Bear Grey Neck Hot Water Bottle

The best hot water bottle for your neck

Dunelm Teddy Bear Grey Neck Hot Water Bottle

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Thanks to its unique shape, this teddy bear hot water bottle from Dunelm is perfect for soothing your neck – and for using whilst working from home or binging Netflix. Essentially, it’s like a travel pillow but you can fill it with hot water for warmth. It’s supportive and soft, and most of all: different! Though obviously, you can only really use it around your neck.

6. Matalan Christmas Alphabet Velvet Hot Water Bottle

A trusty Christmas hot water bottle

Matalan Christmas Alphabet Velvet Hot Water Bottle

(Image credit: Matalan)

Yes, there’s such a thing as a Christmas hot water bottle – and you’re going to want one. From Matalan and wrapped in a luxe velvet cover, they come embroidered with your initial on the front, as well as decorated with stars. They come in different colours depending on the letter you’re buying, and each one has a 700ml capacity. Not just for use at Christmas, believe it or not, but you’ll want to cosy up with this personalised buy all winter long.

7. Wuka Wearable Hot Water Bottle

The best wearable hot water bottle

Wuka Wearable Hot Water Bottle

(Image credit: Wuka)

Yes, you can wear this hot water bottle. Not out of the house (you can, but we wouldn’t advise it as people might stare a little) but you can wrap it around yourself and fasten it so that it can warm you up whilst you walk around and do your chores. Or whilst you chill on your sofa. It’s actually created for soothing stomach pain and period pains – genius! – and it has a cosy fleece cover for added warmth. The best part? Other than the fact it stays where you want it to sit, it has a pocket for your phone to live. Its bottle is made from natural rubber and in size, this hot water bottle measures 77cm long.

Buy now: Wuka Wearable Hot Water Bottle, £24.99, Wuka

8. Sparks and Daughters Personalised Embroidered Velvet Hot Water Bottle Cover

A luxury velvet hot water bottle

Sparks and Daughters Personalised Embroidered Velvet Hot Water Bottle Cover

(Image credit: Sparks and Daughters)

How cute is this velvet hot water bottle? It’s from small business Sparks and Daughters, and it can be personalized with your initial. It comes in a range of colourways and with a beautiful ribbon for fastening closed. Soft on your skin, you can take this with you to bed, use it whilst you’re watching a movie on the sofa or even bring it to the office with you. Plus, there’s the added bonus that if you choose gift wrapping, it arrives looking lovely, all in eco-friendly recyclable packaging. Note: this is just a cover, a rubber hot water bottle does not come included.

Where to buy a hot water bottle?

Still searching for a new hot water bottle? See below and shop yourself.

How to fill a hot water bottle?T

To fill your hot water bottle, you’re going to want to boil the kettle. Once it’s boiled, leave the water to cool down for a few minutes and then you can unscrew and fill your hot water bottle. Sometimes, hot water from your tap might do the trick but since you use hot water bottles with a cover, it might not be hot enough to feel the warmth.

How much water do you put in a hot water bottle?

You should fill your hot water bottle just less than three-quarters of the way up. Before screwing its lid on, you might want to squeeze the air out otherwise they can pop.

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