Get your home ready for September with this autumn cleaning checklist

Prepare your home for the colder months ahead
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  • We still have a few days of summer left, but with autumn just around the corner, it is a perfect time to get started on your autumn cleaning checklist.

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    Giving your home a deep clean ahead of autumn is crucial. As soon as those radiators are turned on and it becomes too chilly to open the windows, your home can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mould.

    Autumn cleaning checklist 1

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    Here is your autumn cleaning checklist to make sure your home is in order and ready for you to cosy up in as the leaves start to change.

    Autumn cleaning checklist

    1. Check your boiler and other appliances

    ‘By doing some small checks around your home now, you can avoid nasty shocks later down the line as winter rolls around,’ Lucy Askew, interiors expert at Hillarys tells the Express.

    Make sure your boiler is in working order, and your drains and guttering are clear. It is also worth giving your roof tiles a once over to preempt any leaks or flooding. That way you can fix any issues before the cold weather sets in.

    2. Swap in your autumn home accessories

    Autumn cleaning checklist 3

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    ‘You don’t have to spend a fortune to give your home a different feel through the autumn and winter months,’ says Lucy. ‘Dig out your blankets, light a few candles and dim the lights for that cosy, warm atmosphere.’

    3. Tackle the big jobs you’ve been putting off

    This is the perfect time to tackle any lingering cleaning jobs you’ve been putting off around the home. Whether that is cleaning your fridge, deep cleaning the oven  or organising your wardrobe.

    These can be tedious jobs, but we have plenty of tips to make short work of them on our care and cleaning page.

    4. Get any outdoor jobs done before it gets too cold

    Autumn cleaning checklist 2

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    Now is the time to get any outdoor jobs done, from giving your house a lick of paint to tiding-up the garden, before the cold weather sets in.

    5. Schedule a set day and time each week to do small jobs

    You can’t rely on a couple of big monthly cleans to keep your home in order. Little and often is the best way to make sure your home is a place you are happy to cosy up in during the autumn.

    ‘Set a day and time in your diary each week to do small jobs,’ suggests Lucy. ‘They won’t take you long at all and your home will always be up to the cleaning standards of Kim and Aggie.’

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    Is it time for you to get started on your autumn cleaning checklist?

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