How to clean a granite sink – to keep it gleaming and looking as good as new

Keep your on-trend sink in tip-top condition, despite everyday use
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  • You only need to browse Pinterest and Instagram to see the rising popularity of more extravagant bathroom and kitchen features. From gold taps to granite sinks, we’re no longer choosing the ‘safe’ traditional chrome option.

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    In the past year, Tap Warehouse has seen a 45 per cent increase in searches for ‘granite sinks’. And while granite sinks are known for their durability, in comparison to stainless-steel sinks say, they’re still susceptible to damage from improper cleaning.

    Therefore the bathroom & kitchen specialists were only to happy to help, creating a simple cleaning guide for how to clean a granite sink.

    Best of all, you need only natural ingredients to carry out each the recommend cleaning method.

    How to clean a granite sink

    how to clean a granite sink

    Image credit: Tap Warehouse

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    With the average granite sink costing somewhere between £200 – £300, you’ll wan to ensure you take great care of it. Else you’ll be throwing good money down the drain, quite literally. So to clean it properly, the experts say you should…

    1. Wash with mild soap and warm water

    You can do this straight under the tap,  no need for a bowl. ‘Once you’ve got a soapy mix, use a soft cloth to wipe down your sink after each use. This is the best way of maintaining a sink as regular cleaning prevents the need to do a deep clean.’

    2. Wipe after each use

    ‘To keep your sink in sparkly condition, you could even wipe the sink dry after each use. Make sure to remove the wet cloth from the sink as this will help to stop watermarks and limescale from appearing.’

    3. Deep clean with a gentle solution

    Image credit: Mark Scott

    ‘If you need to perform a deep clean due to deep stains – use a homemade mixture of baking soda or white vinegar (either is good, just make sure it’s a small amount) and combine it with water. Add this mixture to a soft cloth or a brush with soft bristles to tackle the harder stains.’

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    While new trend accessories look fashionable, bad cleaning habits could make them look less than fantastic. Improper cleaning could lead to permanent damage.


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