Nursery chairs - our pick of the best

Looking for nursery chairs? We've picked out 10 of our favourite rocking chairs, glider chairs and all-round comfy chairs for you and your baby to relax in

A lovely, comfy nursery chair is the most important item of furniture you can buy for your baby's nursery, second only to a crib of course. Because, let's face it, you're going to be spending a lot of time sitting in it, whether you're breastfeeding or bottle feeding, reading bedtime stories, or fighting your drooping eyelids at 2am while waiting for the crying to stop.

Rocking chairs and glider chairs are an excellent choice, as the rocking, gliding motion helps to soothe both baby and you. But there's also a lot to be said for a sturdy, dependable chair you can sink/slump into in the small hours of the morning.

Choose something well-made and stylish now and it will outlast its nursing chair days to be used in a hallway, bedroom or living room once your little one is all grown up. Be inspired by our pick of the best nursery chairs to suit all styles.

Rodnik Shark Fin Chair

(Image credit:

Rodnik Shark Fin Chair


Dimensions: H88 W81 D85 cm

The Rodnik chair never fails to make us smile - a literally jaw-dropping design! Fast becoming a modern design classic - and certainly the most fun. This design would make a colourful, playful addition to a nursery and kids will love it when they get a bit older too. 

Rodnik Shark Fin Chair, £449,

Sailboat Nursery Glider Chair

(Image credit: House of Fraser)

Sailboat Nursery Glider Chair


Dimensions: H95 W86 D85 cm

Going for a nautical theme in your nursery? This jolly sailboat nursery chair ought to float your boat. It ticks all the boxes: solid wood frame, plump, feather-filled cushions, and smooth glider action to soothe baby to sleep. Upholstered in cotton, this nursing chair can be spot cleaned, or you can order removable slip covers that can be dry cleaned. It comes with a matching footstool, too - take your pick from a stationary stool with storage, or a gliding stool without storage.

Sailboat Nursery Glider Chair, £1590, House of Fraser

Vitra Eames RAR Rocking Chair in Teal

(Image credit: Vitra)

Vitra Eames RAR Rocking Chair


Dimensions: H67 W62.5 D69 cm

Charles Eames's 1948 design classic is usually seen gracing contemporary loft apartments and the like. But it turns out it also makes the perfect nursery chair thanks to its ergonomic form, low arms and, of course, soothing rocking motion. The RAR comes in a wide range of colours to suit any nursery scheme - this calming shade of teal is a great choice for a baby's bedroom. For extra comfort, just add a fleece or snuggly blanket. 

Vitra Eames RAR Rocking Chair, £448, John Lewis

Swoon Budapest Love Seat

(Image credit: Swoon Editions)

Budapest Love Seat


Dimensions: H75 W126 D94 cm

This big hug of a love seat is a wonderfully cosy choice for a nursery chair. Its squishy, slouchy design is so comfortable that you might find yourself drifting off to sleep along with baby. It comes in 18 different coverings in different colours - from soft leather to brushed linen-cotton - and you can choose between dark or light beech feet to match the rest of your nursery scheme. 

Budapest Love Seat, £649, Swoon Editions

Graham and Green Ariel Shell Chair in white room

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Ariel Shell Chair


Dimensions: H91 W80 D70 cm

Who wouldn't like a bit of Art Deco glamour during the 3am feeding session? There's no saying that a nursery chair can't be as pretty as it is practical; this clamshell design oozes glamour but is also highly comfortable thanks to it's cushioning. The high back will provide extra support for when you're sitting for longer periods. This is the perfect buy for thinking beyond the nursery, once it's not needed for that purpose it can go seamlessly into an alternative living space. 

Graham and Green, £695, Ariel Shell Chair

Amara Bloomingville Orinocorattan rocking chair in grey room

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Bloomingville Orinoco Rocking Chair


Dimensions: H76 W92 D78 cm

Traditional meets retro meets contemporary in this chic rattan rocking chair. The seat is nice and wide, which makes it ideal as a nursery chair - plenty of room for baby and you. Its fluid curved shape and neatly woven rattan make it supportive and ergonomic, while the metal rockers will come in handy when it comes to lulling your little one to sleep.

Bloomingville Orinoco Rocking Chair, Amara, £389

Laura Ashley Newberry Chair

(Image credit: Laura Ashley)

Newberry Chair


Dimensions: H83 W85 D81 cm

A coastal scheme is a stylish choice for a nursery, and the seaside-inspired Newberry makes an ideal nursery chair. It comes with a foam and fibre seat that's both comfortable and supportive. The nautical stripe down the middle of the chair comes in Haze Red, Haze Blue or Haze Mocha, so take your pick to match your nursery's colour scheme. While this works wonderfully as a nursing chair, it's grown-up enough in style that you could use it elsewhere in the house once your little one gets too big for baby bottles bedtime stories. 

Newberry Chair, £600, Laura Ashley

Ikea Poang baby pink rocking chair

(Image credit: Ikea)

Poang Rocking Chair


Dimensions: H100 W68 D82 cm

Add a girly touch to a nursery with this baby pink rocking chair. The quilted fabric is removable and can be machine washed - perfect should any mishaps occur. 

Poang Rocking Chair, £140, Ikea

Oliver Bonas Moon Chair

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Moon Chair


Dimensions: H84 W82 D70 cm

What could be more fitting for a nursery chair than a design named after the moon? After all, you're likely to up at the same time as the moon for the first few months after your new baby arrives. The chair's curvy shaped envelopes you when you sit down, while tactile wool upholstery keeps things cosy. Each chair is handmade in the UK and the frame is guaranteed to last at least 25 years - long enough for your little one to take it with them when they grow up and move out of home. 

Moon Chair, £595, Oliver Bonas

Homestead Living at Wayfair Rocking Chair solid wood and cheery veneer frame is finished with a comfy cushion in a neutral mink fabric in room

(Image credit: TBC)

Rocking Chair


Dimensions: H104 W83 D68cm

A rocking chair is the ideal nursery chair, the rocking motion is sure to soothe little ones while feeding or gently coaxing to sleep. This solid wood and cheery veneer frame is finished with a comfy cushion in a neutral mink fabric, great as a unisex option. 

Rocking Chair, £160, Homestead Living at Wayfair