Chicken wire transformed this garden parasol into a show-stopping Christmas display

This owner gave her porch a sprinkling of Christmas magic

You might think your garden parasol is redundant over the winter months, but one homeowner used her umbrella base to create a show-stopping Christmas display.

Along with some chicken wire and some striking Hobbycraft decorations, Laurie Davidson from Surrey turned her home's porch into a magical setting bursting with Christmas ideas. A standout foliage tower, a sleigh with presents and a double door Christmas wreath prove decorations aren't just for inside.

a black porch decorated with a large christmas wreath tower, two christmas wreaths on the door, a selection on red, gold and green wrapped presents on the porch and orange sleigh

(Image credit: @lifofaninteriorstylist)

Chicken wire Christmas decorations are proving to be the latest trend and are easy to make yourself. 'I wanted to create a display that had a real impact,' says stylist Laurie Davidson (opens in new tab). 'That person would want to stop and look at – but without costing a fortune.'

Chicken wire Christmas porch display


a black porch with black walls, door and stairs, with black and white exterior walls and dark gravel leading to the stairs

(Image credit: @lifofaninteriorstylist)

The porch is a good size, but it also meant that single decorations, like a wreath, can look a little lost, which is why Laurie decided to go for such a big display.

Creating the foliage tower

Using the parasol base, with a metal pole inside was the first step, then chicken wire was wound around the pole and secured into place using cable ties. You can find the full tutorial on the Hobbycraft Ideas Hub. (opens in new tab)

a women using a cable tie to hold up chicken wire around a garden parasol with a green base

(Image credit: @lifofaninteriorstylist)

'Using the parasol and chicken wire meant I could just weave in lots of foraged foliage for the tower, and I've added fairy lights to make it magical at nighttime,' says Laurie.

'I had some help from the festive elves at BBL Floral Design (opens in new tab), but it's easy to create your own version and something the kids could help with too,' says Laurie. 'You do need a lot of foliage if you're going to make one the size I had, but I used a lot of cuttings from the garden and foraged the rest.'

a woman in an orange jump pinning up a faux foliage of pine cone and red berries against a large faux leafy green foliage tower

(Image credit: @lifofaninteriorstylist)

Choosing lots of Christmas picks and faux foliage stems from Hobbycraft meant Laurie could give it extra colour, with poinsettias, red berries, pine cones and baubles all adding the finishing touches.

'I used lots of picks and faux stems. I love the ones with berries and poinsettias on, as they add a lovely deep punch of red to all the greenery. It's quite a traditional look.'

Artificial pine branches with white berries and pine cones: £14.89, Amazon (opens in new tab)
Scatter through these snowy pine branches and white berries for an understated yet festive look. They measure 15cm and would look great tucked into your festive display if you prefer a frosty winter look

Finishing touches

an orange wire sleigh with red, green and gold wrapped presents on top, sitting on black porch

(Image credit: @lifofaninteriorstylist)

A vintage sleigh piled with presents sits on the porch itself. 'I wrapped up empty boxes and decorated them with ribbon, twine, small picks and clip-on robins from Hobbycraft (opens in new tab), along with some fan toppers and bows that I made out of the same wrapping paper,' says Laurie.

Clip-on Robin | £6.49, Amazon (opens in new tab)
Add a little festive wildlife to your display with these clip-on Robins. They are currently £6.49 each on Amazon and can be used on garlands, wreaths and much more.

red and green wrapped christmas presents sitting on gravel, with a faux green leaf garland trailing behind them

(Image credit: @lifofaninteriorstylist)

Using garlands to trail down the stairs and wrap around more faux presents, gives the display another touch of greenery – and it's easy to weave fairy lights into the garland to add extra sparkle if you want to.

WeRChristmas Pre-Lit Decorated Garland: £34.99, Amazon (opens in new tab)
The faux poinsettia flowers already woven onto this garland make it perfect for creating your own statement piece. Half the work is already done for you with this pre-lit garland.

a black porch decorated with a large christmas wreath tower, two christmas wreaths on the door, a selection on red, gold and green wrapped presents on the porch and orange sleigh

(Image credit: @lifofaninteriorstylist)

'Hobbycraft have such a good range of wintery stems and I'll use them in a different way next year, either on my Christmas tree or in vases,' says Laurie.

'I already had the parasol base and chicken wire, so it was just a matter of getting a good mix of foliage – it's an easy and affordable way of transforming your doorway.'

Have you been inspired to give your porch a festive doorscape?

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