Why the chicken wire Christmas arch is our favourite festive trend year after year

The surprising seasonal decorating trend is the secret to creating a showstopping Christmas doorway on a budget

Christmas door decoration
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Last year, Google searches soared for chicken wire Christmas arches, as the unexpected festive trend swept the nation's front doors. With December around the corner, we're betting the budget Christmas decorating idea will be making a return. 

The unusual trend uses chicken wire mesh as the base for threading through lots of festive foliage and decorations. As Donna Butler proves, all you need is some chicken wire, faux foliage, and baubles to make a beautiful DIY garland for the front door. 

If you're looking beyond just investing in the best Christmas wreath this year, Donna shares her imaginative chicken wire creation with us to inspire others to get creative with our Christmas ideas. And it's easier than it looks, Donna assures us.

Chicken wire christmas decoration on a white door

(Image credit: Future PLC/Donna Butler)

'I found the inspiration while on Instagram,' Donna tells Ideal Home. 'I saw it and thought I have to have that!

'My neighbour gave me the chicken wire and I bought most of the items from a local garden centre. I cut the shape out that I wanted and my husband attached it to our lounge door, so I could decorate in the warm!' she says humorously.

Donna explains, 'I used a plain garland and an old Christmas tree to go round the edges of the chicken wire, attaching it with cable ties.'

Door frame decorated with green garland

(Image credit: Future PLC/Donna Butler)

Donna tells us, 'I had no plan when I started, I just made it up as I went along.' Laying all the items out on the floor, Donna started with the big items, such as the flowers and greenery. Adding in the smaller items, revealing the key is, 'standing back every now and then just to make sure it looked just right.'

'After I had filled it all, I added the baubles and small items. The baubles were attached with plant wire.'

Black door with Christmas garland

(Image credit: Future PLC/Donna Butler)

Wow! We're so impressed by Donna's Christmas creation. Donna says proudly, 'I posted it on a Facebook group, and I’ve had 2.5k likes and comments. I’ve had so many messages asking how I did and if I’d make them to sell.

'I have been overwhelmed with the responses I’ve had from it, and thoroughly enjoyed making it,' she concludes.

This DIY Christmas garland idea is affordable and can give you something that looks really impressive. You can do just one corner of the doorway or go all the way around in a big arch, or use chicken wire around a garden parasol to create a striking display.

Will you be seeking out chicken wire to create a doorscaping masterpiece?


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