The best Christmas wreaths –  9 buys to dress your doors for the festive season

These fabulously festive Christmas wreaths ought to impress guests

Splurging on a new Christmas wreath for 2022? Why not! Whether it's taking pride of place on your front door, it's going above a fireplace or even on a staircase, Christmas wreaths are often one of the first decorations to go up. Why? This understated decoration can make a big impression with minimal effort – to both you and to your neighbours.

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Choose from real wreaths that are usually fragranced for an added effect, or artificial options that you can reuse for more Christmases to come. We've listed both in our list, although in terms of practicality, we say to go for an artificial option. Better yet, one that's pre-lit because if you want yours to light up come dark, then this will prove to be handy. Other than that, the choice is yours.

Get your Christmas wreath right and the rest of your festive scheme will follow with ease. Here are 9 glorious buys for 2022 – shop for yours now and kick-start your Christmas decorating before everyone else.

The best Christmas wreaths 2022

Lights4fun Mistletoe Christmas Wreath Micro Light Bundle hung on blue wall

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

1. Lights4fun Mistletoe Christmas Wreath Micro Light Bundle


Diameter: 50cm

This stunning wreath comes with a set of 50 warm lights to illuminate your door come dark, and it's decorated with realistic mistletoe. Other than that it's quite nice and plain so as not to distract eyes from the rest of your Christmas decor, and it's a sizeable 50cm. Set the lights on a timer to switch on at the same time every day, to make your life easier. For those who want a realistic wreath that they can use year after year, this is your best bet.

Buy now: Mistletoe Christmas Wreath Micro Light Bundle, £39.99, Lights4fun (opens in new tab)

Habitat country walk Christmas wreath with red roses and gold leaves on a red string

(Image credit: Habitat)

2. Habitat 5.1m Country Walk Christmas Wreath


Diameter: 44cm

Add some colour to your Christmas with help from this decorative wreath from Habitat. Featuring red roses, gold branches and lots of lush green foliage, it's certainly eyecatching – and it ought to make a statement indoors or out. Elegant in looks and budget-friendly in price, what more could you want? It even features a smart red ribbon for hanging.

Buy now: Habitat 5.1m Country Walk Christmas Wreath, £20, Habitat (opens in new tab)

Bloom & Wild Christmas wreath with dark flowers and pine cones hanging on a cream door

(Image credit: Bloom & Wild)

3. Bloom & Wild The Night Before Christmas Wreath


Diameter: 40cm

Searching for a real Christmas wreath for 2022? You can always rely on Bloom & Wild. Our favourite for this year is their The Nightmare Before Christmas Wreath. Its main look might be of dusky foliage, but rest assured that's balanced eloquently with colourful blooms such as yellow and orange kangaroo paw, blue eryngium and also berries. To wow passersby and impress your neighbours, this is the wreath that you want to buy. Order now for delivery from the 1st of December.

Buy now: The Night Before Christmas Wreath, £75, Bloom & Wild (opens in new tab)

Habitat Christmas wreath with pampas grass

(Image credit: Habitat)

4. Habitat Pampas Christmas Wreath


Diameter: 50cm

Because we all love a bit of pampas grass, right? So why not incorporate it into your Christmas decor? This Scandi-style Christmas wreath from Habitat gives off a softly festive vibe, and it would look just as lovely on a front door as it would an interior door – or hung above a fireplace. It's made using a combination of artificial eucalyptus, green foliage and obviously pampas. To say that it's bursting with greenery would be a little bit of an understatement.

Buy now: Habitat Pampas Christmas Wreath, £20, Habitat (opens in new tab)

Dunelm berry and leaves heart-shaped wreath hanging on a dark blue door

(Image credit: Denelm)

5. Dunelm Berry and Leaves Heart Wreath


Dimensions: H40cm x W40cm x D7cm

Shaped like a heart and decorated with red berries, this simple wreath has a rattan base – and it benefits from the unique addition of green leaves dotted around its frame. Of course, you can use it to decorate your front door, but we do think it will look lovely inside, too, and it will prove to be striking thanks to its pop of red. It comes with a jute hanging rope for easy positioning.

Buy now: Berry and Leaves Heart Wreath, £15, Dunelm (opens in new tab)

Brown and cream Wool Couture Christmas wreath with red and green tufts

(Image credit: Wool Couture)

6. Wool Couture Christmas Pudding Wreath Craft Kit


Diameter: 36cm

A wreath with a difference, this one will need to be put together by you, although this should make it even more special when you hang it inside your home every year. Yes, it's for indoor use only since it's made of yarn, but one thing's for sure: it's certainly unique. Brown, cream, red and green yarn make up this wreath that resembles a Christmas pudding, and we think it will look delightful on an interior door, hung inside a bedroom or above a fireplace.

Buy now: Wool Couture Christmas Pudding Wreath Craft Kit, £15, Dunelm (opens in new tab)

Jormaepourri scented pine cone ring

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

7. Jormaepourri Scented Pine Cone Ring


Diameter: 27cm

Simple yet striking, this wreath is even handmade. It's decorated with pine cones, cinnamon and dried orange peels, plus it's even scented. Use the ribbon to hang it indoors – we say to place it inside a hallway or kitchen – and wait for your guests to marvel at it.

Buy now: Jormaepourri Scented Pine Cone Ring, £20, John Lewis & Partners (opens in new tab)

John Lewis & Partners snowscape pine cone wreath with white berries

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

8. John Lewis & Partners Snowscape pine Cone


Diameter: 50cm

This stunningly realistic wreath is inspired by the memory of the first dusting of snow, transforming the surrounding landscape into stunning scenery. Decorations from this new range capture the serenity of a snowy landscape. This design is a vision in snowy white, mostly thanks to a generous dusting of mistletoe berries. Those are elegantly interspersed with rustic pine cones and fir spruce.

Buy now: Snowscape Pine Cone and Mistletoe Wreath, £40, John Lewis & Partners (opens in new tab)

Red, white and silver Habitat bauble Christmas wreath

(Image credit: Habitat)

9. Habitat Bauble Christmas Wreath


Diameter: 40cm

Keep things fun and fresh with a playful bauble wreath! This red, silver and white design by Habitat is jazzed up with a mix of matt, shiny and glitter baubles. It's so on-trend and anything but dull. Just be sure to display it indoors rather than out.

Buy now: Habitat Bauble Wreath, £18, Habitat (opens in new tab)

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Forget decking the halls with holly, the first thing on the decoration agenda is hanging a beautiful wreath – and the rest will follow.

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