How to make a Christmas wreath – six steps to a festive floral centrepiece

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  • Follow our easy Christmas craft guide to making a stunning decoration to hang on your door

    Create a festive first impression for your guests by getting crafty this Christmas. We’ve teamed up with floristry expert Amelia Christoffers from Bloom & Wild to create the guide on how to make a Christmas wreath.

    In just six steps you can craft your own centrepiece to hang on the front door or pride of place in a living room or hallway. Try it at home, or check out Bloom & Wild’s nationwide wreath-making workshops for a supervised session.

    How to make a Christmas wreath – what you’ll need


    Image credit: Bloom & Wild

    Most of what you need should be available at your local garden centre.

    1. Collect your foliage


    Image credit: Bloom & Wild

    This can be done in several ways – one of the easiest being to order Bloom & Wild’s Crafty Christmas bouquet. This contains 25 stems, including kiefer pine, conifer, scabious balls, hypericum berries, rosemary and eucalyptus.

    Alternatively, you could grab a few supermarket bouquets. For a fuller wreath, supplement your stems with extras cut from your garden or forage some on winter walks in the countryside. Birch branches, holly and ivy make pretty additions.

    2. Prepare your wreath ring

    First, take your moss sheet and wrap it around your wreath ring. Then, wrap your florists’ wire clockwise around the moss, leaving gaps of 4cm evenly around the wreath. Pull the wire tightly so it’s good and secure.

    When you have created a full circle, cut the wire and twist the ends together (think the top of a coat hanger).

    3. Trim your stems


    Image credit: Bloom & Wild

    ‘Cut your stems so they’re 8-15cm long,’ advises Amelia. ‘Lay them in groups of 2 to 3 stems, staggering down so the tips lay slightly below each other. You’ll need to make about 18 groups to fill your wreath.’

    4. Start arranging


    Image credit: Bloom & Wild

    Take your first group of stems and lay them diagonally across the wreath ring. Use more wire to secure the base of the stems to the wreath ring – but don’t cut the florists’ wire from the spool! All will become clear…

    Now pick up your second bundle of stems and lay them just below the first. Again, secure with the same length of wire. Continue working around the wreath clockwise, never cutting the wire, tucking the last section of stems beneath the previous ones, until the whole ring is covered.

    5. Prune and personalise


    Image credit: Bloom & Wild

    Hold up your wreath and inspect it for any gaps, which can be filled with leftover foliage. You might also want to print a little around the edge to achieve a strong circular shape. Don’t go overboard though, as you still want a natural look.

    For a bit of glam, you could consider adding a few leftover baubles or weaving in some fairy lights. Finally, tie in some ribbon for hanging.

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