21 Christmas wreath ideas for spectacular front doors and mantelpieces

Enjoy our decorated Christmas wreath ideas to make a statement both indoors and out

A sage green front door with a berry-encrusted Christmas wreath on it
(Image credit: Future PLC/Polly Eltes Photography)

When it comes to Christmas wreath ideas, plenty of us tend to be stuck in a rut, dusting off our tried-and-tested faux number and hanging it on the front door each year.

Still, it might be worth taking a break from sourcing the best places to buy Christmas decorations to focus, instead, on a few twists on this classic trend. Because your wreath deserves to take its turn in the spotlight for once, whether that's as an extra special table centrepiece, a chair back place setting, or even a cute present topper.

Basically, whether it's as an outdoor Christmas decor idea or an indoor Christmas flourish, wreaths are a simple yet striking way to add a touch of festive cheer to your home. Especially if you allow your imagination to run wild...

Christmas wreath ideas

Planning on simply having a wonderful Christmas time? Then, yes, it's time to make your Christmas wreath ideas work harder than ever.

Traditionally, the circular shape and evergreen materials make this festive showstopper a representation of eternal life – but there are plenty of ways to add a modern pop to yours, if that's what you want.

Whatever you decide, here's how to use your wreath to warmly welcome guests into your home.

1. Try a little D-I-S-C-O

A Christmas wreath crafted from disco ball baubles

(Image credit: Etsy)

This year's big festive decor trend is, as we all know, the disco bauble – so why not incorporate this glitzy look into your Christmas wreath ideas?

'Disco has certainly had a resurgence this year and shoppers are finding creative ways to incorporate the glamorous trend into their Christmas decor, in fact we've seen a 13% increase in searches for disco ball items on Etsy,' says Dayna Isom Johnson, trend expert at Etsy

'The disco ball wreath seen above is something I am really excited to see adorn doors across the country and jazz up the festive season,' she adds. 'And we're loving the ingenuity we're seeing from Etsy sellers when it comes to this trend.'

2. Swag it up

A Christmas wreath in the style of a swag

(Image credit: InterFlora)

If you're looking for something slightly different to add to your list of Christmas wreath ideas, go for a swag!

'Christmas swags are no longer a throwback, they’re set to be one of this Christmas’ biggest trends,' says internationally renowned floral designer and Interflora consultant, Karen Barnes.

'Wondering what one is? Imagine a Christmas wreath but straighter, or a bouquet but flatter – that's a swag,' she continues. 'As a great alternative to a wreath, and often with a lower price tag, this versatile Christmas décor can be hung on a door or brought inside to make the mantle a little merrier.'

3. Use dried flowers

Dried flower christmas wreath

(Image credit: Etsy)

For a softer and subtler look, why not incorporate some dried flowers into your Christmas ideas à la the above wreath from Etsy?

'The ultimate floral trend that’s taken over TikTok is dried flowers and they are here to stay for the festive season,' says Karen.

'Loved for adding texture and intrigue to floral designs, dried flowers bring the same creds to Christmas wreaths. No fashion-forward wreath will be complete without a touch of pampas grass, hare’s tails or Lagurus.'

Karen adds that 'dried flowers are also biodegradable, far less wasteful and last far longer, so what's not to love?'

4. Make it a matching set

White front door with Christmas Wreath and garland with fairy lights

(Image credit: Future PLC/Carolyn Barber)

Don't stop at adorning your front door with just a Christmas wreath: why not drape a matching garland over your entrance to add extra festive cheer?

Tie matching bunches of berries, sprigs of holly, and bundles of cinnamon sticks on both the wreath and the garland to co-ordinate your scheme.

5. Colour match your wreath to your front door

Fresh Christmas Wreath dotted with fun decoartions on a pale green door

(Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Whitmore)

Base the colour scheme of your Christmas wreath around that of your front door, choosing colour co-ordinating baubles, berries and birds to create a harmonious look. 

It's super easy to make a christmas wreath match your external decor: start with a basic florist wreath, add strands of fir or eucalyptus and finish with beautiful shop bought embellishments.

'Collecting materials on a winter walk is a great way to add some festive flair to your front door,' says Karen.

'Evergreen foliage makes an excellent base for a thrifted wreath. Look out for holly, fir, mistletoe and eucalyptus, all of which can be foraged from woodland or hedgerows – just make sure you have the land owner’s permission.'

6. Double up with a wreath that looks as good as it tastes

An abundant fresh wreath with dried oranges, dried apple slices, cinnamon, ginger

(Image credit: Edinburgh Gin)

How's this for a fun Christmas door decor idea? A gin inspired wreath to greet guests! 

Forage for dried oranges and apple slices, bay leaves, ginger or cinnamon to make the most festive of G&T's this Christmas. 

Try to emulate the show stopping wreath above, which is a collaboration between Edinburgh Gin and the luxury florist Wild at Heart, and comes with a bottle of uniquely blended seasonal gin.

7. Make some memories

A christmas wreath crafted from photo frames

(Image credit: Etsy)

If you're in the market for a meaningful Christmas wreath idea, try transforming your old photos and memories into a gorgeous piece of DIY Christmas decor.

'Photo frames are a great way to create wreaths from existing materials as they provide a great base to structure your wreath around,' says Dayna. 

'You can layer photo frames on top of each other, as seen in this Christmas wreath from Etsy, to create depth and you can even add foliage by using chicken wire to fill the frame.'

8. Hang a fern wreath over a festive table

Delicate Christmas wreath hung above dining table with glass baubles hanging from it

(Image credit: Future PLC/Carolyn Barber)

A delicate asparagus fern wreath hung above the dining table brings an airy and ethereal look, making it the ideal focal point in a room. 

Adorn yours with glass baubles in subtle tones of pink and gold, hung by ribbon, for the perfect finishing touch to this sophisticated scheme. 

Top tip? Make sure to spray dried foliage with hairspray to stop them shedding.

9. Display a row of wreaths on a wall

Florist wreaths hanging from a foraged branch

(Image credit: Future PLC/Joanna Henderson)

Replace your usual mirror or wall art with a simple display of co-ordinated rattan wreaths from Hobbycraft, adding clusters of foliage at the base and securing with florist wire. Hang with ribbon over a foraged fallen branch, the perfect accompaniment to a rustic Christmas scheme.

10. Add a fairy light trim to place settings

Christmas place setting, gold, bronze and terracotta with metal leaf fairy lights

(Image credit: Future PLC/Carolyn Barber)

A simple gold metal leaf garland like this one from Graham & Green wound into the shape of a wreath creates a stylish place setting and brings a touch of sparkle to the dining table. 

When decorating with Christmas lights on a table top, make sure you buy battery operated lights and cleverly disguise the battery pack by wrapping in co-ordinating fabric, or matching gift wrap.

11. Replace a lamp shade with a co-ordinating wreath

Christmas dining room in whites and pale green with wreath hanging over table

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore)

Using accent lighting and candlelight as part of your Christmas wreath ideas, instead of ambient lighting, will help create a magical ambience in your dining room. 

Replace the central light with a ribbon hung wreath, adding colour co-ordinated shatterproof baubles and an abundance of pinecones for a pretty Scandi-style Christmas.

12. Personalise your chair backs

wooden hoop christmas wreath hanging on back of wooden chair

(Image credit: Future PLC/Carolyn Barber)

Attaching a wreath to the backs of dining chairs with simple twine or ribbon adds an unexpected decorative touch and could also become an elegant keepsake for your dinner guests. You could try hanging a personalised place setting from a gift tag at the top of each wreath too.

Top tip: Use faux rather than fresh wreaths on chair backs to prevent shedding or staining.

13. Go for a muted colour palette

A christmas wreath in muted pinks and lilacs

(Image credit: Interflora)

Christmas wreath ideas usually mean bold red berries and bright pops of colour, but you can (and should!) opt for a muted colour palette, as seen in this Interflora wreath, to match your decor if that's your preference.

'Muted colour palettes will win over the more traditional Christmas hues of red, green and gold as people look for a calm colour story to end the year on,' says Karen. 'Expect to see soft pinks, lilacs and peaches adorning front doors across the UK with warmer accents of greens, chocolate browns, plums and purples.'

She adds that 'the secret to success when picking your festive colour palette is to stick by your theme, no matter what'. 

'Before heading to your local florist, think about what colours you’re using throughout your home and make sure you’re including them in your wreath,' explains Karen. 'That way, your home will look perfectly put together for all your festive visitors, and you’ll never have to worry about clashing colours again.' 

14. Spell out Christmas with a mini bell wreath

Noel lettering on mantel using a wreath as the O

(Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Scarboro)

Use mis-matched lettering to create the word NOEL on top of a mantlepiece or hang directly onto the wall - try inexpensive cardboard, metal or wooden initials to spell out the word adding a fun Christmas wreath to create the letter 'O'.

15. Hang duplicates in your hallway

Gold rings adorned with fern leaves and sprayed in metallic spray, hung against a pale pink wall above a simple wooden bench

(Image credit: Future PLC/Caroline Barber)

Create a clever Christmas wall decor idea by swirling fern fronds around wooden embroidery hoops, for a fanciful twist on the traditional Christmas wreath. Apply metallic paint in rose-gold and copper tones for a pearlescent, shimmering finish.

Hang the modern designs from cotton and velvet ribbon for an elegant festive look. If you have picture rails, hang from the rail using a picture rail moulding hook, allowing you to adjust their positions more easily.

16. Choose a wreath for an internal door

Rustic country hallway with Christmas wreath and decor

(Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Whitmore)

Christmas door deco ideas don't all have to be about the front door, think about hanging a wreath on an internal door this year instead. 

Hanging a Christmas wreath on the door to the dining room, for example, can make it feel like an extra special reveal when it comes to sitting down for lunch.

17. Make it oversized

dried foliage wreath above a sofa

(Image credit: Future PLC/Caroline Barber)

Wreaths are not just for doors: a statement wreath can adopt pride of place above a sofa or fireplace during the festive period. 

Dried grasses, foliage and flowers used to create this stunning piece will not only add wow factor but will last beyond the festive season to be used year after year. 

18. Suspend a faux wreath in front of a mirror

Grey Christmas living room with Christmas wreath and tree

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore)

Show off your best Christmas wreath by suspending it centrally over a mirror, the reflection makes the wreath look lusher and more foliage filled. 

If your mirror is positioned above a fireplace, opt for faux wreaths and garlands to prevent foliage drying out and shedding its leaves.

19. Add a moss wreath present topper

Rose gold Christmas wrap and ribbon with moss wreath as present topper

(Image credit: Future PLC/Carolyn Barber)

Bring a little festive greenery to beautifully wrapped presents with a soft dried-moss wreath. Embellish with sprigs of rosemary for a delicate hint of fragrance and secure with a length of satin ribbon. 

Tuck a small bunch of fresh eucalyptus or fir (cut from the back of your Christmas tree), under the ribbon tie for the perfect finish to this Christmas gift wrapping idea

20. Mix star and hoop wreaths

Christmas wreath and star hanging above rustic bench

(Image credit: Hobbycraft)

Combine modern and traditional wreaths in abundance, covering a hallway wall or filling an alcove. Start making your own personal collection, choosing a new Christmas wreath each year: we promise that they will become treasured memories.

21. Line up a row of wreaths

Pale green Christmas living room with three wall mounted wreaths

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore)

Replace framed pictures, above a console, with a row of wreaths at Christmas time. Choose wreaths of the same diameter but not necessarily the same style for a streamlined sophisticated look.


How do you make a simple Christmas wreath?

'I have made a Christmas wreath or 20 in my time,' says Dan Ryan, the parks and garden manager at Gatton Park. 'And in my humble opinion there are 3 simple components to a good Christmas wreath.'

These three things are:

The base hoop or ring:  'I make them out of 4 or 5 flexible willow stems just held together with tension. You can buy some premade rings out of metal or plastic if you don’t have access to willow.'

The foliage or greenery: 'Collect from your own garden or somewhere where you have express permission. Good options are Holly, Ivy, Cypress, Cedar, Spruce or Laurel. If you are buying in a Christmas tree you can always prune off the bottom couple branches so long as they don’t have needles that dry out and drop off.'

The bling: 'Ribbons, bows, pine cones, dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, shiny baubles, glitter, strings of led lights, the list goes on...'

Dan goes on to explain that, once you have your components gathered together, you should 'put the base together first'. 

'If tension alone from looping the stems together isn’t holding it down you can add some twist ties, thin wire, or twine to hold it tight,' he says. 

'Add the foliage, sticking to one or two varieties, and tuck the stems into the willow base to create the body of the wreath and again tie bits in as required. Then, add the bling to your hearts content!'

Dan adds that, 'finally, you should hang the wreath outside which will keep the foliage fresh and help it last longer. A bit of ribbon or jute twine to hang it off the front door works perfect'.

What do you put in a Christmas wreath?

A traditional Christmas wreath has a moss base and framework of fir and foliage. This provides the greenery on which to build decoration. Get creative with real wreaths and add your own decorative touches with pine cones, dried fruits and even baubles.

Of course not all wreaths are made of foliage, a popular style for festive wreaths is woven wicker to add a rustic touch to Christmas decor. A set of twinkling lights added to a rustic wreath softens the look, and welcomes a touch of ambience.

Can you put a Christmas wreath on a table?

Yes, you can put a Christmas wreath idea on a table. In fact you can put a wreath above it, on it and beside a table. There are no limits when it comes to imaginative Christmas wreath ideas. 

As we prove from our creative ideas above, we based an entire decorating shoot around the ways you can use a wreath inside, and the dining table was key.

With so many Christmas wreath ideas to choose from, you'd be forgiven if you decide to have more than one (or five) decked around your home this year.

Still, you'll have to fight us when it comes to foraging all of those gorgeous pine cones and foliage. See you on the forest floor, eh?

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