How to make an ombre Christmas tree – give your old artificial spruce a new look

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  • Tree looking a bit tired? Here's a fun fix!

    It’s almost time to make that trip up to the loft and retrieve the Christmas decorations. And we’ve got everything crossed that they’ve survived another year and are still looking suitably festive. But if the year hasn’t been kind to your artificial tree, there is a way to make it look less sad, and that’s to try our how to make an Ombre Christmas tree tutorial.

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    How to make an ombre Christmas tree – what you’ll need

    • Artificial Christmas tree
    • White, pink and dark grey/green spray paint cans

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    • Old sheets to protect tree and floor

    1. Retrieve and build your tree

    First you’ll need to fish your tree out of the attic and assemble it according to the instructions. If it’s really looking worse for where you could achieve the same effect easily using Homebase’s Ombre tree, and spraying the top pink.

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    2. Cover and spray the base


    Image credit: Homebase

    Move the tree to a well ventilated space – the back garden is ideal! Cover the top of the tree with a sheet so that only the bottom quarter is showing – clip into place if needs be. Spray the bottom ‘branches’ either a dark grey, or a green that’s darker than the tree itself. Leave to dry.

    3. Work your way up the tree


    Image credit: Homebase

    Once the base is dry, over the bottom half of the tree with sheets, leaving the top half exposed. Spray this with the white can of paint, and again, leave to dry. Finally, move the sheet up so only the top quarter of the tree is exposed, and spray it pink. In each case, two coats should ensure the tree is properly covered.

    4. Let it dry


    Image credit: Homebase

    Leave the tree to dry for 20 minutes or so before moving it into position in your living room.

    5. Decorate your tree


    Image credit: Homebase

    Dig into the decoration box and make sure your baubles match your tip for the best-looking tree.

    Tah-dah! Lastly, treat yourself to a cup of tea, put your feet up and admire your festive handiwork.

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