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In our interview series, we talk to our favourite bloggers and experts about their trend predictions and styles. Here, we meet Lea Lange, co-founder of JUNIQE

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1. How did JUNIQE come about?

I have always had a passion for art and design, decorating and styling. JUNIQE was created because, although I knew a lot about these topics, there was nowhere I knew of to buy individual and affordable artwork. With furniture and other home accessories it’s possible to buy products that vary in price but this just wasn’t the case with art. We decided to change this, and JUNIQE therefore sells individual and affordable artwork so that it is accessible to everyone; whatever their personal style or budget. JUNIQE work with over 600 artists from around the world, so you not only can buy creative art work you can also choose the prints on a range of lifestyle products including, wall art, cushions, stationery, shower curtains and towels.

It has always been important to us to empower both emerging and established artists to profit from the sales of their work so they can continue to do what they do best: create art. Our platform enables these wonderful artists to share their talent with a larger audience.

2. How do you decide which products to sell at JUNIQE?

It is all about curation so the first question we ask ourselves is whether our customers will like the artwork. We then look into if the artwork is created at a high quality and if it fits into upcoming trends. We handpick all designs that appear on the website (there are over 15,000) and these are only chosen if the designs complement our portfolio and are aligned with JUNIQE. Our buying team is well connected in the art scene and spots new and exciting artists on blogs and through social media. Increasingly, we regularly have artists who approach us as they are looking for an extra platform to showcase their talent - we only pick those that are unique and have a story to tell. 

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3. Where do you find your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from things in my everyday life. It could be the weather to my mood.

4. Predicting trends is big business. How does trend forecasting work?

Our team of over 100 are very knowledgeable and experienced in the art industry. We very much base trends on current talking points, seasonal topics and colour.

5. What are your top design tips?

- For those who love coloured walls like me, I would suggest painting the ceiling as well. This way you can set great contrasts and it instantly adds character to your room.
- Mix old and new styles. Don’t feel that you need to stick to just one.
- Combine a variety of styles as this is how you add your own personal touch and no one wants to live in a showroom.
- Last but not least, give your home time to grow over time. As you grow, your home should too.

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6. Do you see every product through from conception to execution?

Yes, I have a team who takes care of every detail but I’m involved in the whole process.

7. Which trend would you like to see the back of – and why?

I can’t pick a specific trend I wouldn’t like to see anymore, but I can tell you that I hope it’s not Rokoko, White Living or Shabby Chic. These are my absolute favourites.

8. What’s the most common decorating mistake you see?

Individuals who are nervous about infusing their own style in their homes, so instead they buy ‘art’ from general ‘go-to’ stores. We see this happening a lot, and it’s not that shoppers aren’t interested in styling their homes, it’s more that they’re not sure how. We are introducing a new tool on the website later in the year which will showcase lots of different living spaces to help inspire our customers on how they can work art into their homes. They can tailor it to their own preferences so the hard part is done, and it’s even easier to have a curated art wall without the stress.

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9. What interiors objects are you currently lusting over?

This Artyfort armchair has been on my wish list for quite some time.

10. Which key trends should we be looking out for come 2018?

Personally I would like to see more dark greens in 2018. Yellow is having a great revival as it was spotted on runways everywhere. I predict it will make its way from the catwalk directly into our homes very soon – watch this space!

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