5 reasons to love industrial-style loft living

Inspiring design take-aways from this vintage-meets-modern home

kitchen with wooden worktop

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1 Simplicity is key

Inherited industrial features like beams and girders stand out and are enhanced thanks to the pared back, strong lines, of the fitted units and simple wood finish in the kitchen. The look is minimal yet smart and luxe thanks to quality materials. The owners use the extended end section of the units as a breakfast bar or work station - ideal for every day living.

living room with white wall and sofa

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2 Play with volume

The owners wanted to stick with the property's original industrial structure, and the high ceilings are such a distinctive feature. But to make it feel homely, they added comfy upholstery and soft wall tones.' ‘Playing with the volume of the rooms creates a different ambience. This TV area is my favourite because it's more compact and so feels intimate,' says the owner. It's where we like to relax, and I'll spend special time here with my family.'

living room wooden flooring and white wall

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3 Add a layer of softness

An industrial space left totally in its original form is too harsh for family living, so while sticking with the property's vintage bones and high ceilings, they added leather to the stairway, rugs, squashy sofas and warm wooden flooring. It makes for a cosier space without detracting from the magnificence of the building.

bedroom with white wall and double bed

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4 Mix in some textiles

Simple but dramatic statements reflect the owner's ability for stop-and-stare design - a triangular skylight, an acid green headboard and bold art that dominates one wall. But the master bedroom is saved from being too hard-edged thanks to the fabric headboard, big draped bed throw, and dramatic art on the wall.

bathroom with wooden platform with white washbasin

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5 Make the bathroom luxe

However ‘industrial' your space we all need a little luxury in the bathroom. The owner has created a small, yet impressive, marbled walk-in shower room with a limestone built-in sink. The overall look is sleek and tonal, and with its concrete floor fits perfectly with the rest of the space.