5 reasons why we love Kevin McCloud

He's the master of Grand Designs

Grand Designs creator Kevin McCloud is one of our favourite presenters - up there with Kirstie, Phil and The Beeny.

He introduces us to glorious homes from around the world with his hit show
Grand Designs, and is now back on our screens with his new series, Escape to the Wild.

Having Kevin back in our lives as got us reminiscing about why we love the design genius...

kevin mccloud with black blazer and blue jeans trouser

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1. The Grand Designs drinking game

After the first few seasons of Grand Designs had aired, viewers created the GD drinking game - take a shot each time Kevin says the word ‘bespoke', and a double shot if the couple announce they are expecting a baby half way through the build. Naturally, Kevin saw the funny side, and even joked in an interview that he actually wrote an entire episode of the show around the game - keeping it secret so one programme was designed to get people as merry as possible without them knowing. Our kind of guy!

2. He isn't just about Grand Designs

Thanks to his new show, Escape to the Wild, Kevin has proven he's more than just eco builds in rural Wales. The new programme follows families who have escaped the rat race and built their own home in the most remote parts of the world. Jealous, us?

3. He asks difficult questions

Kevin is no stranger to tricky discussions with property planners, and he always makes sure the people building their own Grand Design know exactly what they are letting themselves in for, and how much they're spending. Naturally, this is doesn't always go down well...

4. He loves a project manager

One of Kevin's top design tips is to bite the bullet and hire a project manager to oversee work - money well spent as numerous couples on Property Ladder can testify when they're £10k over budget at the end of the build (and still have the skirting board to paint).

5. He rocks a hard hat - maybe even better than The Beeny

No one looks quite as dashing in a hard hat as Kevin. He takes every opportunity on his shows to see the builds up close and personal, which of course requires a hard hat and sturdy wellies. We like!

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