5 super-stylish ideas for small space living

Inspiring design take-aways from this petit yet and chic and glamorous home

living room with dining area and wooden flooring

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1 Create a luxe dining nook

A trio of crystal lights define the banquette dining area. ‘These are one of my few contemporary buys, but the cut crystal, twisted flexes and brushed brass strike the right balance between modern and old-school glamour,' says the owner. The linen-covered banquette was made by the owner's carpenter and the vintage tin ceiling tiles were shipped from Canada and then painted.

kitchen with wooden flooring and counter

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2 Break the rules in the kitchen

Just because the kitchen is small, there is no need to make it streamlined and minimal, says the owner who has done just the opposite. She has mixed exposed copper pipes, Shaker style cupboards, a painted vintage tin-tiled ceiling and a mini range cooker. It works particularly well because the owner has been fastidious about details. ‘I spent ages sourcing handles, light switches and paint shades,' she says.

room with table and chair and wooden flooring

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3 Invest in wow factors

‘I work from the top downwards when I dress a room,' says the owner. ‘My real passion is lighting, so this pale gold antique Murano glass chandelier shaped all my other choices in here.' The chandelier also adds drama - exactly what a small space needs. Soft, muted grey velvets, smoked glass and honed timber follow its glam lead.

room with grey sofa and wooden flooring

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4 Opt for quality materials

Sumptuous velvet, the gleam of brass and delicate artworks lend a theatrical air to this small yet beautifully crafted space. ‘When space is at a premium the eye doesn't miss a thing, so it's even more important to ensure that every item works for its keep,' says the owner.

bedroom with silk and crisp cotton and wooden flooring

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5 Indulge in a sumptuous bedroom

‘There is only bedroom so I decided that feminine glamour would rule here,' says the owner.That means textures of silk and crisp cotton on the bed and Fifties Italian bedside lights. ‘Buying something as pretty as this feels as if you're investing in a piece of history,' she adds.