5 ways to ensure you (and your pets) have a flea-free home

Summer is the height of flea season, combat an infestation with our simple tips and tricks

If you’re a pet owner then chances are you’ve had to deal with the odd flea infestation or two. Fleas are not only difficult and annoying for your four-legged friend, but they can cause havoc in your home. Summer is the height of flea season so it’s time for you to take action – read our top tips to ensure those little mites are banished for good!

1. Check your pet regularly
Our little furry companions need to have their monthly flea treatments, but they also need plenty of combing to check they don’t have any flea eggs on their fur. If you get a bad infestation you can wash your pet in a weak mix of mild shampoo and cider vinegar. They’ll hate it, but trust us it will help keep the fleas at bay.

pet dog sitting on wooden armchair

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2. Vacuum
Shocking new research carried out by Bob Martin shows that 95% fleas live in the home (even though 26% of us think they live outside). Most fleas reside in fabrics and carpets so make sure you vacuum regularly. If you have in infestation in your home you’ll need to vacuum at least once a day.

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3. Organisation
During the summer it makes sense to stay on top of the flea/egg cycle. One flea can lay up to 25 eggs per day (approximately 800 in its lifetime) so even if you can’t see any fleas on your pet after a treatment it’s still worth cleaning your home regularly. Fleas thrive in humidity and in temperatures between 24˚C-30˚C, making our homes an optimum breeding ground for the parasites. Set up a cleaning routine and ensure your pets are checked at least once a week.

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4. Cleaning
During the high flea season in the summer months it’s important to clean your home as much as possible. Clean soft furnishings with a steamer before and after applying a home flea treatment. Wash pet bedding, toys and rugs regularly to eliminate flea eggs.

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5. Citrus
Fleas are nasty little critters that can be suprisingly resilient, sucking the blood out of your poor pet until their skin is inflamed and irritated. However fleas hate citrus, so if you have a mild infestation or simply want to keep them at bay, it’s worth investing in a citronella candle. It’ll leave your home smelling fresh too.

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