5 ways to get some wow factor into your home

Inspiring style-statement takeaways to add drama to your living space

dark living room with leather sofa and dark floor
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kitchen area with cow sculpture

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1 Add drama in the kitchen
The cow's head on the extractor fan originally hung outside a French butcher's shop, and was one of the pieces that inspired the owner to make his kitchen feel a little like a boucherie. The black tiles and the photograph of sheep carcasses contribute to the theme. If ‘butcher's shop style' isn't on your design radar, you could try ‘grocer's shop' or ‘flower shop' for inspiration - so long as you make it big and bold.

living room with sofa and table

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2 Boldly go in the living room
Large twin black sofas in the living room make a strong statement and anchor the loft-style space. If you're planning to introduce any up- scale furniture, take heed from the owner and ensure it will fit. ‘The first home I ever did was on the 20th floor, and I paid to have the sofa carried up the stairs, then it wouldn't fit through the door,' he says. Never again!'

dining room with wooden table and chairs

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3 Be daring in the dining room
To bring warmth and a sense of identity to an otherwise dull area of the home, the owner has used American walnut panelling and hung a showstopper chandelier above a huge dining table. ‘The combination of the wood, and an oversized light and table means that the dining area is in keeping with the drama of the rest of the space,' he says.

bedroom with four poster bed

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4 Go for impact in the bedroom
Choosing a large four-poster bed that almost fills the space means that the bedroom takes on a drama of its own. The result is striking and elegant and gives the room a wow factor, whereas an ordinary size bed would result in an ordinary looking room.

bathroom with washbasin

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5 Shake it up in the shower room
It's fun to wake up to a pop of colour, says the owner. ‘The red cross is an old pharmacy sign and I introduced some art with touches of red in it to add further colour,' he says.